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Law Center News: May 2013
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2012 Impact Photo
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11 Million Impacted in 2012
Our work benefited millions last year including 3,500 kids in Chester whose schools will remain open, 3,000 students with autism who will not be transferred without parental involvement, and more than 100,000 registered voters who we continue to advocate for in the voter ID case. Click here to support our high-impact legal strategies. New and increased donations will be matched $1 for $1.
YS v School District of Phila
Education News: 
Reopening Language Services Class Action Lawsuit
In partnership with the Education Law Center and Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, we filed a motion to reopen a case against the School District of Philadelphia's systemic failure to provide language services to immigrant and refugee students and their parents. Parents of English language learners have been shut out of the special education process by the District's failure to provide interpretation services during IEP meetings or translation of IEP documents. Read more here.
Right to Know Request Photo
Healthcare News: Right to Know Appeal Granted
The Office of Open Records granted our appeal and ordered managed care organizations provide us with the rates paid to dentists and dental subcontractors through the state's Medicaid program. This data will help us better understand why so few low-income, eligible children in Pennsylvania actually receive dental care. Read more about our Right to Know requests here.
Board and Staff Photo
Law Center News: Welcome New Board and Staff!
We're pleased to welcome a number of new board members this year, including Thomas Chapin (Mill Creek Capital Advisors), Zachary Davis (Stevens & Lee), Lexa Edsall (University of Pennsylvania), Valerie Harrison (Arcadia University) and Michael Hynes (Faruqi & Faruqi). We've also added three new staff members: Michele Reichow (special ed administrator); Owen Taylor (community organizer, Garden Justice Legal Initiative); and Barb Macholz (communications associate). Click here for more board and staff updates.
Legal News: Civil Legal Justice Hearings
This month clients, judges and advocates testified at public hearings convened by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the increased need for civil legal services for low-income Pennsylvanians. Our executive director Jenny Clarke co-chairs the Civil Legal Justice Coalition, a group of legal service organizations, bar associations, judges and advocates (including the Law Center) who are organizing the hearings to raise awareness about the societal effects of decreased and limited access to legal representation in civil matters like foreclosure and custody cases. Watch footage of the first hearing in Harrisburg here.

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