July 2016Vol 19, Issue 7

Message From the President - 
What Are We to Make of the World?

From John Gargani, AEA President

In light of the tragic news from Louisiana, Minnesota, Dallas, Turkey, and elsewhere, I threw out the column I wrote. I find myself shocked by a world that has made me numb to shocking news. I ask, "What am I to make of it all?" I find no satisfactory answer.

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Potent Presentations Initiative
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International Policy Update
New IOCE Representative Named
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Diversity - The Latinx Responsive Evaluation Discourse
From Lisa Aponte-Soto, National Deputy Director of RWJF New Connections at Equal Measure and Chair of LA RED TIG

The Latinx Responsive Evaluation Discourse (LA RED) is an AEA TIG that was established in 2014. The mission of LA RED is to increase representation, engagement, and leadership of Latinx and other evaluators in the theory, research, and practice of culturally responsive evaluation, especially involving the Latinx community through the development of sustainable avenues and venues for the development and application of Latinx responsive evaluation theory and practice.

Potent Presentations Initiative - Time to Begin Preparing That Presentation!
From Sheila B. Robinson, Potent Presentations Initiative Coordinator 

"Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop."
-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Hello, P2i-ers! Did you receive an acceptance notice for Evaluation 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia, or for any other conference or meeting? If so, congratulations! It's time to start crafting your potent presentation!

Where do you begin? While designing your presentation is rarely a linear process, it makes sense to start by crafting your message before delving too deeply into design or delivery. 

Policy Watch - Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2016
From Cheryl Oros, Consultant to the Evaluation Policy Task Force (EPTF)

The Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2016 was signed by the president on July 15, 2016. It requires the President to establish guidelines for the establishment of measurable goals, performance metrics, and evaluation plans for U.S. foreign development and economic assistance. The bill had bipartisan support in both houses, garnering unanimous approval in the Senate. 

International Policy Update - 
13 Different Ways AEA Will Support the Global Evaluation Agenda
From Mike Hendricks, AEA Representative to the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE), with contributions from Jim Rugh, EvalPartners Co-Coordinator

In an exciting and important development, the AEA Board of Directors has accepted the recommendations of its International Working Group and soon the AEA management will initiate 13 separate actions to support the brand-new (and first-ever) Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020, also known as EvalAgenda2020.  To our knowledge, this forward-thinking decision makes AEA the first Voluntary Organization for Professional Evaluation (VOPE) in the world to develop such an action plan.

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New IOCE Representative Named
AEA has appointed Cynthia (Cindy) Clapp-Wincek as the new representative to the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE). Cindy will assume the duties of her three-year term this coming January 1, 2017. Mike Hendricks is the current IOCE representative and will complete the 2016 year while transitioning Cindy into this role.
"This is a tremendous appointment for everyone involved," Mike said upon hearing of Cynthia's new role. "I have had the pleasure to know Cindy both professionally and personally for over 25 years and I can assure you that our new representative is both an outstanding person and an outstanding professional."
During the past 30 years, Cindy has spent about half of her time as an independent consultant and the other half as an evaluation official in the U.S. government. As an independent consultant, she has worked with influential groups such as the Alliance for Peacebuilding, African Development Bank, Millennium Challenge Corporation, OECD/DAC, and the World Bank.
Within the U.S. government, Cindy spent many years with USAID, rising to increasingly important positions. From 2011-2014 she was the Director of USAID's overall Office of Learning, Evaluation and Research. She also spent several years at the Department of State working on issues in Europe and Eurasia and more recently on reconstruction and stabilization.
Cindy has been an AEA member since the beginning and is currently an active member of both the AEA International Working Group and the Evaluation Policy Task Force. Because of those two roles, Cindy is well aware of the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020 (EvalAgenda2020) and many of the various IOCE and EvalPartners efforts.
We welcome Cindy into this new role and are grateful for her commitment to AEA and evaluation.
The American Evaluation Association Seeks Nominations for the Editorship of New Directions for Evaluation
New Directions for Evaluation (NDE), a quarterly sourcebook, is an official publication of AEA. NDE publishes empirical, methodological, and theoretical works on all aspects of evaluation. NDE issues may focus on any topic relevant to evaluation as a practice, profession, or discipline. The following illustrate potential foci for NDE:
  1. Evaluation practice such as approaches, methods, or techniques that can be applied. For example, the use of templates, case studies, or survey research;
  2. Professional issues of importance for the field of evaluation. For example, the use of evaluation or locus of evaluation capacity;
  3. Societal issues that explore the implications of intellectual, social, or cultural developments for the field of evaluation. For example, poverty, disparities, or globalization;
  4. Exemplars that advance and celebrate excellence in evaluation practice or teaching; and
  5. Evaluation theory including the philosophical groundings of evaluation or conceptual issues in evaluation. For example, the bases for justifying evaluative conclusions or explications of core concepts like validity.
The editor's responsibilities and duties include soliciting proposals for guest-edited issues, accepting and rejecting proposals and manuscripts based on their quality and suitability for NDE, appointing an editorial board to review NDE proposals, guiding proposals for issues through a peer-reviewed process, overseeing revisions to proposals and issues, and working with the publisher on production matters. The publisher is responsible for all production aspects of NDE. The editor will receive modest editorial support of $10,000 per year to cover costs of postage, telephone, photocopying, and other direct expenses.
Nominees should meet the following criteria:
  • Have a record of publishing in peer-reviewed journals or scholarly books
  • Have a record of evaluation practice
  • Possess strong managerial and organizational skills
  • Have been a member of AEA for at least three years
  • Demonstrate a commitment to AEA's values
  • Have relevant experience in the editorial process, such as serving as a guest or section editor for a book, journal, or other scholarly publication or service as an editorial board member
  • Have adequate institutional support to host journal operations
Self-nominations and nominations of others are welcome. We welcome nominations from individuals and from a pair of colleagues who wish to serve as co-editors. Nominees may be asked to submit supplemental materials or to participate in an interview.

Because NDE is a thematic journal, it has an extended lead time between the review of a proposal for an issue and its publication. Thus, we are seeking considerable overlap between the current and new editor to allow both for transfer of process knowledge as well as shepherding of issues throughout the process by the new editor that will be published under her or his tutelage. The deadline for nominations is August 15, 2016. Appointment of the new editor will be made by the AEA Board of Directors no later than October 25, 2016, so that he or she may meet with the current editor at the 2016 AEA Conference in Atlanta and learn from the current editor and the journal publisher prior to taking over as editor-in-chief on January 1, 2018.
Candidates should send a letter of nomination, including curriculum vita and the names of three references who can speak to the quality of candidate's editorial experience via email to Denise Roosendaal, AEA executive director,  at [email protected]. Please feel free to contact Robin Miller, chair of AEA's Publications Working Group, with any questions about the NDE editorship or the process of selection at [email protected].
New Jobs & RFPs from AEA's Career Center
What's new this month in the AEA Online Career Center? The following positions have been added recently: 
  • Data Specialist at JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (Boston, Massachusetts) 
  • Director of Evaluating and Learning at New Door Ventures (San Francisco, California)
  • Student Support Specialist at Latin American Youth Center's Career Academy (Washington, D.C.)
  • Assessment Specialist-Qualitative Researcher at Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
  • Research Associate at Office of Program Evaluation, University of South Carolina (Columbia, South Carolina)
  • Test Measurement Analyst at Florida Virtual School (Orlando, Florida)
  • Data Systems Analyst at The Actors Fund (New York, New York)
  • Marketing Data Analyst at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington, D.C.)
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