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Vol 15, Issue 6


Message from the Executive Director - 

Thank You for Participating


The AEA Working Group that developed and implemented the AEA Member Survey has completed the first phase of its work. Phase II, analyzing the data and writing a comprehensive report, now begins, with an anticipated release date of December 2015. The group began its work in September 2014 to develop a survey instrument that would gather input from members on AEA programs and begin to set benchmarks on progress toward the AEA Ends Goals.


The survey was distributed to the AEA membership on April 15 and remained open for three weeks (closing May 6), with reminder emails sent out weekly. With 25 percent of the membership responding (1,713 members), the survey attracted input from a demographic that appears to match the overall demographic of AEA membership in general. 


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Diversity - Congratulations to the 2014-'15 GEDI Cohort!
From Zachary Grays, AEA Headquarters 


The Graduate Education Diversity Internship (GEDI) commencement at Summer Institute 2015 marked another year of GEDI excellence and the continued expansion of diversity in evaluation. A mainstay at the institute, the GEDI commencement celebrates the successful completion of the rigorous program requirements by the current cohort. Joining the alumni ranks of the more than 60 successful GEDI graduates, this year's impressive cohort is eager to impart their newly acquired expertise on the world.


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Potent Presentations Initiative - Message Matters  
From Sheila B. Robinson, Potent Presentations Initiative Coordinator 

Greetings, Potent Presenters! Many of us are playing the waiting game right now, wondering if that conference proposal acceptance notice will appear in our inboxes soon. As we dream of giving that standing-room-only presentation that leaves us thinking These people are definitely going to seek me out for a keynote next year, it's a good time to begin planning the message of your potentially career-altering presentation. Sure, great slide design and good audience engagement strategies will take you part of the way, but you can't go the distance without a solid message.

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International Policy Update - AEA Sending Our Award-Winning New Evaluator to Global Forum in Nepal 
From Mike Hendricks, AEA Representative to the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE), with contributions from Jim Rugh, EvalPartners Co-Coordinator

In a wonderful display of our support for the next generation of evaluators, AEA is funding last year's winner of our Marcia Guttentag Promising New Evaluator Award to attend the EvalPartners Global Evaluation Week to be held in Nepal this November. Attending the week-

long sessions in Kathmandu will be Dr. Bianca Montrosse-Moorhead from the University of Connecticut. Bianca will be very busy during this event, actively participating in at least three different ways.

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Important Notice: Dues Are Increasing 

Like other associations, AEA must periodically review its operating costs. As a result, the AEA Board of Directors has instituted a $4 annual dues increase for Full Standard and Electronic  Membership for fiscal year 2016. It will take effect July 16, 2015. If your membership is not due for renewal in July, you may still take advantage of the savings (if you act by July 15) and renew for an additional 12 months.

The increase is needed to keep up with inflation and cost of living increases and to continue to enhance the exclusive benefits offered to you as an AEA member. No changes will be made to the Full Time Student or the Canadian Evaluation Society Members. Click here to find out more about the increase and how to renew. 

Between now and July 15, 2015, you can renew your membership at the current rates. Simply renew online or by making a payment on any open membership invoice that you have received. Please contact Zachary Grays in the AEA office at 1-202-367-1166 if you have any questions.

New Jobs & RFPs from AEA's Career Center  
What's new this month in the AEA Online Career Center? The following positions have been added recently: 
  • Senior Data Consultant, Community Health Initiatives, at American Cancer Society (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Manager of Educational Assessment, Records & Compliance at Temple University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • Evaluation Analyst at Susan G. Komen (Dallas, Texas)
  • Business Analytics Officer at Children's Services of Palm Beach County (Boynton Beach, Florida)
  • Institutional Research & Effectiveness Associate at St. Olaf College (Northfield, Minnesota)
  • Assistant Director of Evaluation and Research at Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services (Pasadena, California)
  • Evaluation Specialist at Greenville County Schools (Greenville, South Carolina)
  • Senior Research Associate at Hezel Associates (Syracuse, New York)
  • Learning and Evaluation Specialist at Latin American Youth Center (Washington, D.C.)
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