Helping Hands Herbals Newsletter 12.17.2013
Happy HollyDaze from Helping Hands! 
Wishing all our beautiful, amazing, loyal and wholly lovable clients Happy Holidays and a very Jerry Christmas! 
We've put together this newsletter to include great gift ideas, brilliant new products and sweet deals to help you stuff some stockings and help foster a healthy, happy and jolly holiday season. 
Please note: We will be closing at 3pm on Christmas Eve, and closed Christmas day. And plan ahead. . . the world is expecting us Coloradans to ring in the New Year and Legalization with quite a bang! Stay tuned!
The Bud Depot - $125/oz Deals
Super Special Prices for Members - Thru January!
If Helping Hands Herbals or the Bud Depot are your Registered Caregiver, you're in for a treat!

Now thru January, you can grab 2 select oz per week at $125 oz/ea! Considering making us your Caregiver? This couldn't be a better time to sign us over! Plus, your standard (amazing) membership benefits will be active at both stores! 

Please note our new hours: 11am-7pm, Monday-Saturday. Closed Sunday. 138 E. Main St. Lyons, CO. (303) 823-6422.

Restrictions apply. While supplies last. Select strains only. We reserve the right to end this deal at any time or to deny service to those we designate as malefactors. Available only at The Bud Depot in Lyons. Max 2oz/week. No deal stacking whatsoever - this is the lowest price available. No other discounts apply.


 THC Transdermal Patch 
Best Product We've Seen in Ages! 

With a commitment to accurate dosing and pharmaceutical grade THC delivery, Mary's Medicinals created a safe and effective way to consume cannabis - transdermally. Like, as in, a nicotine-free "patch" packed with pure Colorado THC and CBDs. 
The Patches are 2x2 squares that adhere to any part of the skin. You can cut them into smaller pieces depending on your dosage needs. Basically you're mainlining so it's fast-acting and can hit you in 20 mins - and last for 8 delicious hours. 
We currently carry THC Indica, THC Sativa, THC Hybrid, CBD, & CBN patches. Just $30/pack of three patches.
This newsletter was written while wearing a small CBN patch. Relaxing! Mellow! Also amazing for travel. Very consistent, time-released dosing. Best new product for sure! Don't miss out.
 Aspen Subcritical CO2 Hash Pens - New!
Cool, Streamlined, and Butane Free! Save $10!
We took one look at the Aspen Vape and knew right away this would be one of our top-sellers. 
Aspen's pure and natural CO2 oil is a Supercritical extract made with cutting edge technology. They use extreme super critical pressure to produce the cleanest and most effective extract possible. Their proprietary technology and processes enable them to achieve extremely high THC and CBD levels in their CO2 oil. 
No butane, no ethanol, no propylene glycol - just pure oil. Super clean! Plus
the pen is sleek and "button-free" - just pull on the pen and you're baked! Need to recharge? Just plug into a USB. And their thread accepts most cartridges on the market - not that you'll want them after tasting this yummy goodness. Don't miss!
Pens: $20. Cartridges: 500mg THC: $45. Buy any Sativa, Indica or Hybrid cartridge this week and you'll get the pen for just $10! We'll be offering deals on the cartridges in the future too!


 Fresh From The Grow! 
This Week's Selection of Organic Marijuana. Tasty.

Al's Dream. Blue Cane. Blue Dream. Bubblegum. CheesequakeChernobyl. Ghost OG Moonshine. Golden Goat. Golden Pineapple. Gupta Kush. Hawaiian Urkle. Island Sweet Skunk. Kush Rise. Purple Dream. Purple Kush Starship. Silverback. Smooth Operator (Purple Trainwreck x Rugburn). Starship. Sugar Cane. Sunburn (ISSxRugburn). Tangerine Sunrise - and more!
We've got lots of amazing new strains coming after the new year too! Always fresh and organic!
 Strain of the Week - Cindy 99
Bring This Pretty Girl Home for the Holidays!
Quarter Oz for Just $60!


 If you haven't met Cindy, it's time. Party time.


Cinderella 99 is a sativa-dominant hybrid Princess with phat, crystal covered, dense nuggets with purple hints among a sea of green.


Cindy is a favorite amongst newbies, long timers and HHH staff. She's fast acting and gives an uppity high that's social, energizing and fun without any racy feelings. Her fruity scent, tasty burn and positive vibes will make Cindy your new favorite girlfriend (or mistress). 


Get a beautiful 7-gram chunk of Cindy this week for just $60! Save $10! All you have to do is say the secret password "Borborygmus." If you say it five times fast while flapping your arms like a chicken we'll add a cone joint on the house - a $7 value! 


Offer valid thru Dec 24, 2013. No substitutions. 
While supplies last. One deal 1/4 per custy/week.
Special Holiday Cookies
Not Like Grandma Used to Make. Unless Your 
Grandma is from Jamaica. Just $4!
These delicious hybrid mint-chocolate cookies from The Growing
Kitchen are simply amazing! 
This actually exists!

The package says 25mg THC, but based on
our thorough quality assurance testing (perks of the job) we'd guess it's twice that strong! A great, fun, wild high! Very potent!
We've only got 3 dozen ordered and they should be in stock by Tuesday afternoon - get them while they last! Yup, only $4! Get Merry!


Red Hot Pokers - Handmade Gift!
Ditch That Dirty Paper Clip!

Doubles as a micro fencing sword!
These beautiful pipe pokers are hand-made by one of our patients! Each one is totally unique, featuring a variety of beads, crystals and ornaments. 8" long, so are great for long pipes. You can also clip them to be shorter or with a different tip for dabbing. This is probably the most used appliance in my house. No more grody, resiny paper clips! Really cool!

On sale this week for just $9! 


We're Smoking Cindy 99!
Gosh! A strain named after me!? But who are the other 98 Cindys?
HHH Staff Dishes on their Favorite Strains

Annie is one of our newest employees and a wonderful addition to the

family. Who needs a training manual?? She's been hitting the strain menu! And what's her favorite? Cindy 99, no doubt!


"When I smoke Cindy99 I can do anything! It's great for a bike ride, cooking and I also love it to chill out at the end of a long day. Everyone loves Cindy, and now I know why. Plus, it's the Strain of the Week so a great week to stock up."                                            


Early Bird Special - Best Deal of the Week!
Two Top Shelf Oz for Just $300! 
  • What: Purchase 2 top-shelf oz for just $300
  • When: Monday thru Friday, from 9am-11am
  • How: We select 2 strains each day for the Early Bird. Come down early for the best selection. Call to find out what strains are on deal. (303) 444-1564
  • Why: Because we rock. Because we love to treat our patients right. And because if you're buying Zs of dubage before breakfast we think you deserve a reward. 


Strain of the Week Cindy 99!
Quarter Oz for $60
Print this out or say this weeks password "Borborygmus" for your savings at Helping Hands Herbals! 
Offer Valid Thru Dec 24, 2013. All offers in this email may be subject to change without notice. No substitutions. While supplies last! Offer valid for valid Colorado MMJ patients only. One per customer per week. At Helping Hands Herbals only: 1021 Pearl St. Boulder, CO 80302  303.444.1564. This newsletter brought to you by Mary's Transdermal Patches! Whew!