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September  2013

Michael C. Fling, D.D.S
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With this newsletter, our intent is to inspire and make an impact on you, the reader each month with our thoughts, stories, tips, news, etc. My speaking has grown to include motivational and team building seminars, which have become very popular and highly requested.  I continue to enjoy traveling around the country speaking to groups of old friends and new acquaintances.  Hope to see you soon!


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32 Laps

We are glad to announce the publication of Dr. Fling's first book titled 32 Laps.  This is available now!  For more information, contact Bonnie at (405) 848-6743.


Tooth and Tissue Recreation


In last month's newsletter, materials by Anaxdent were described and a link was provided Understand that when I mention the various products in my newsletter, that company does NOT pay me for my endorsement. I mention them simply because I like them. Having said that, I have two important things to convey regarding the Anaxdent products that I have been using:


1.      I love their bis-acryl for provisional restoration fabrication. In the past, bis-acryls have been difficult in that they are "gummy" and difficult to trim with many of the conventional burs and disc (such as a diamond disc). I have no idea what makes Anaxdent products different, but you don't have that issue nearly as dramatic. It can easily be trimmed with a diamond disc. The burs don't get clogged and they continue to cut well. Additionally, the material doesn't have that sticky feel when handling it. That is one for our team! I have no idea why, but this material removes from the prepared teeth easier and tends not to get stuck in undercuts as much. I would love to give you a scientific reason why these things occur, but I don't have it. I can only tell you that I love the workability and ease of use.


2.      Anaxdent offers a pink composite for bonding onto porcelain that is awesome! Having my roots from the laboratory world, I love to play with different materials. The dilemma with creating gingival tissue onto crowns has been that we are limited to porcelain that can be difficult to shape and color. The communication with the technician regarding tissue color and the replication with porcelain can be difficult. Additionally, if the porcelain ever fractures, we are "out of luck". Anaxdent offers pink composites that are bonded onto porcelain with a multitude of colors. Those colors can be used to create gingival tissue that blend beautifully with the natural gingival tissue. If the pink tissue ever fractures, it is easy to repair.


An example is shown in the picture below.  




This is a patient who had undergone multiple bone grafts and fixture placement. Over time, recession occurred that resulted in a "black hole" in the interdental papillae area between #9-10. The Anaxdent pink composite was used to mask this discrepancy. Material was bonded onto the distal of #9. Then, a mylar strip was placed and material was added onto the mesial of #10. The good news was that these were screwed retained restorations that gave me ease in shape and polishing. This could have been done on cemented restorations, but obviously that would create a bit more of a challenge. Regardless, the use of this material is simple, and the effect is awesome! If it ever fractures, or if more resorption occurs, it is easy to add more composite material.


Think of the possibilities using this material on hybrid implant retained restorations/dentures/partials. Now we have a material that is highly aesthetic, repairable and easy to use!





Seattle Study Club

I am venturing to a new opportunity when I speak at the Seattle Study Club's National Symposium in January 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona. I will be presenting a motivational seminar, Picture This, to the team about teamwork. It is a really cool presentation that is done to music that includes an extremely large painting that depicts the message that I am trying to convey. This artwork is presented in a way that is very stimulating, enjoyable and meaningful for the doctor and team. I recorded a short video for the SSC to give an expert tip on the topics that are included in this seminar. 

Check out this SSC video!


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ACT Dental



Become the Expert Dental Assistant

Becoming the Expert Dental Assistant is a must for the dental assistant who is ready to go to the next level. The changes in the marketplace require us to communicate with our patients differently. As clinical procedures in aesthetic dentistry continue to expand and improve, the role of the dental assistant has continued to evolve as well. For more information, contact Tiffany at 1-800-851-8186.


Get Your Copy Today!
32 Laps 
written by Michael C. Fling, D.D.S


Tipping Points that Motivate Change. This fun and inspirational book will identify meaning in your business and in your life.



Golden Proportions


The Bumps and Bruises of a Website Transfer

Danny Cole, GPM Web Developer

Unfortunately, all websites are not created equal, which makes moving a website to a new server or host much more difficult. Websites come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are very simple, while others are extremely complicated with complex databases and specific server requirements. In this article we are going to try to cover the ins and outs of initiating a transfer from one hosting company to another.

Website transfer jobs come in three varieties: The Pro, The House of Cards, and The Hostile Takeover. Before we get into the specifics of each type we need to set some ground rules. Whether you are breaking up with your girlfriend or changing car insurance, honesty is usually the best policy, so be honest with your current web company. If you are unhappy with your current service, call your account representative and tell them; they may be willing to help. If they can't offer you a solution, tell them you are interested in transferring your website and ask how the files will be provided to you and if they offer transfer assistance.

Websites get transferred for a variety of reasons, sometimes personal, sometimes professional; sometimes we just want one company to manage all our marketing. Whatever the reason, we will assume that at this point you have spoken to your current host and you are now involved in one of the following three scenarios. 

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Pankey Institute

I was honored to be asked to be the E3 Coordinator. I am looking forward to being on the Pankey faculty and the upcoming events.

September 19-21, 2013 - The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes

A master welcomes each step on the upward climb, and pauses to celebrate the view from each new level achieved. Join the L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation in Orlando this September as we celebrate the changes that refine our art. Learn from the wizards of advanced technology and the sages of business acumen. While you share this journey with your peers, you'll discover why a Pankey educational experience is in a class of its own.


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" Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life." - Sandra Carey


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Fling Seminars- Dr. Michael Fling - Pankey Institute

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