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July  2013

Michael C. Fling, D.D.S
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With this newsletter, our intent is to inspire and make an impact on you, the reader each month with our thoughts, stories, tips, news, etc. My speaking has grown to include motivational and team building seminars, which have become very popular and highly requested.  I continue to enjoy traveling around the country speaking to groups of old friends and new acquaintances.  Hope to see you soon!


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32 Laps

We are glad to announce the publication of Dr. Fling's first book titled 32 Laps.  This is available now!  For more information, contact Bonnie at (405) 848-6743.

Anaxadent North America

I recently completed a day of study with Tay at Anaxdent. They offer some remarkable product that includes a beautiful PMMA for provisional restorations. This acrylic can be layered and customized with staining and can be polished to look as beautiful as porcelain. Additionally, they have a composite material that is utilized the same way. In Europe, this composite material is actually being utilized as a permanent restorative material. Lastly, there is a very customizable pink acrylic resin that is bonded onto porcelain. The advantage of using this instead of pink porcelain is that it can be repaired and changed should that be needed. This can be utilized to correct defects where soft tissue is inadequate and can also be utilized on hybrid or even full dentures. You will see some of the information that we have provided for you in this link. If you are interested in any of these products or information on the techniques in utilizing them, please contact Bonnie at


The New Outline Prototype:  

Ensuring Case Success from the Start

Partnering with your lab technician from the beginning of the case is the best way to ensure esthetic and functional success. Testing the plan is even more important before delivering the final restoration. Traditional, chairside provisionalization approaches often fall short, since vital function information can be lost in the process, and the esthetic result is not an accurate representation of the final restoration.

  Enamel layered

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Seattle Study Club

I am venturing to a new opportunity when I speak at the Seattle study club's national symposium in January 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona. I will be presenting a motivational seminar to the team about teamwork. It is a really cool presentation that is done to music that includes an extremely large painting that depicts the message that I am trying to convey. This artwork is presented in a way that is very stimulating, enjoyable and meaningful for the doctor and team. I offer this presentation to study clubs also.


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ACT Dental

I cannot send this newsletter out without mentioning the loss of Dr. Andrea Beerman. Andrea was a remarkable lady who also was a remarkable dentist and worked as a coach at ACT dental. We are very sad at her loss and we know that many of you in our dental community feel the same way. 


2013 ACT Dental Mastery Summit - April 18-19, 2013 


Once a year ACT Dental creates this VIP event as a way for our doctors to focus on one thing - themselves.  This year our goal is to help each participant take a giant step away from their day-to-day stresses to completely recharge.This year's program promises to inspire, motivate and offer specific ideas on how to live the healthiest life possible. Chico Hot Springs Resort and Spa is the perfect venue to enjoy both learning in community and also pamper yourself at the spa.  You really will escape to a better you!

This event is for doctors and spouses (or significant others) as a way to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body.  For more information, contact Tiffany at 1-800-851-8586.      



Get Your Copy Today!
32 Laps 
written by Michael C. Fling, D.D.S


Tipping Points that Motivate Change. This fun and inspirational book will identify meaning in your business and in your life.



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Pankey Institute

At the end of this month, I will be teaching the E3 course at the Pankey Institute. It's a really cool course that discusses the importance of the anterior segment of the mouth and how that pertains to the rest of the system. We deal with aesthetics, anterior guidance, and occlusion quite heavily. Additionally, we discuss preparation design, provisionalization techniques and the importance of proper treatment planning. Helping me will be Dr. Nick Gravino, Dr. Mike Rogers and John Lavicka for that week.


September 19-21, 2013 - The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes

A master welcomes each step on the upward climb, and pauses to celebrate the view from each new level achieved. Join the L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation in Orlando this September as we celebrate the changes that refine our art. Learn from the wizards of advanced technology and the sages of business acumen. While you share this journey with your peers, you'll discover why a Pankey educational experience is in a class of its own.


Dr. Michael Fling's DVDs


"Seven Steps to Treatment Success"

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"Occlusion Demystified"        

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"Stuff that Matters"                  

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Thought for the Month

"Change is difficult, but to not change is fatal" - Charles Darwin

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Fling Seminars- Dr. Michael Fling - Pankey Institute
Fling Seminars- Dr. Michael Fling - Pankey Institute

Michael C. Fling, D.D.S.

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