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November  2012

Michael C. Fling, D.D.S
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We're excited to have a new look to our monthly update.  Our intent is to inspire and make an impact on you, the reader each month with our thoughts, stories, tips, news, etc. My speaking has grown to include motivational and team building seminars, which have become very popular and highly requested.  I continue to enjoy traveling around the country speaking to groups of old friends and new acquaintances.  Hope to see you soon!


Michael Fling




32 Laps

We are glad to announce the publication of Dr. Fling's first book titled 32 Laps.  This will be available on January 15, 2013.  For more information, contact Bonnie at (405) 848-6743.


The Dentist-Technician Relationship  


I recently conducted a course with my long time friend and laboratory technician, Jeff Singler. It reminded me of just how critical a role the technician plays in our everyday life. It also reminded me of just how much the face of dentistry is changing. While the lab industry is a $9 billion industry, there are only 10,000 labs with approximately 33,000 technicians. 11,000 technicians are expected to retire in the next 7 years while we only have less than 20 tech schools with the ability to formally train only 1400 technicians in that same time frame.


How we impress and fabricate restorations is changing. The computer mouse is the wax spatula of the future and for many it is the present. Materials change, as do requirements for the preparation design.





Seattle Study Club

The 20th Anniversary Seattle Study Club National Symposium will be held in Naples, Florida on January 21-26, 2013. Kirk Behrendt and I will be presenting the "Fusion Series" and addressing the question "What is the secret that bridges the gap between "knowing" and "doing" and motivates us to change?"  Presenters at this 20th Anniversary Symposium will emphasize the importance in asking the "right" questions of mentors and how this approach will be far more valuable in helping to gain clinically implementable answers. Along with the titles of our lectures, the presenters were asked to provide some of the most pertinent questions in contemporary dentistry-questions that must be addressed in order to move to the next level of understanding in comprehensive patient care. The answers will follow as the remarkable presentations evolve and just may change the way we practice dentistry. The goal for each listener will be to learn not only the scientific information offered, but also the skills that will guide us in better analyzing what we truly need so we can ask the questions that will yield the most valuable answers in the future.


Secure your space now and join us in celebrating the 20th Anniversary together. Should you have any questions regarding the program or if you would like to register by phone, please call the Seattle Study Club office at 425.576.8000. 




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ACT Dental


January 3-4, 2013 - Marketing Think Tank

Culinary Institute of Kansas City


From innovative marketing ideas, to building an effective web presence;  this two day event will provide you with the tools you need to get your marketing plan working quickly and cost effectively!! For more info contact   


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Pankey Institute

I just wanted to share some exciting news. A Pankey-course that I had previously recorded is now live on!


You can view it here:  



Pankey Aesthetics Solutions Course (New) 

Aesthetics is designed for both dentists and ceramists. In A1, our world-class aesthetics faculty will provide you with all the tools to diagnose, plan, prepare and deliver exceptional aesthetic dentistry. You will have the opportunity to work with experts who are well known in the aesthetics community and who also are grounded in the Pankey Philosophy. You'll gain confidence as you participate in a wide variety of lectures, workshops, and hands-on experiential learning modules designed to help you down your path to success in the comprehensive practice.

You will learn:

  • Smile analysis and design
  • The marriage of function and aesthetics - the musts for successful cases
  • Why photography is indispensable for aesthetic cases
  • Hands-on clinical photography techniques
  • Direct composite layering techniques for depth and beauty
  • The "trial smile" direct composite mock-up
  • Materials: essentials for adhesive dentistry, bleaching and new technology

For more information, visit or call 1-800-4PANKEY.



Golden Proportions


My Website Has a Blog and My Last Post Was in 2009...


If your practice's website has a blog, then you already know that it's a crucial tool that can boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and connect you to your patients. What you may not know is what to write about, and how to get the most out of it. Which would probably explain why that last post was so long ago. There are hundreds of topics that patients will find interesting; it's all a matter of planning.

A good starting point is to post an introduction about your practice - a short overview of what makes you, you. Feel free to include what makes you and your team unique, the services you offer and your practice philosophy. Remember, you're digitally "speaking" to your patients and potential patients. Keep it simple, keep it friendly and keep it fun and genuine. Most of all keep it short. This is not the Great American Novel. It's more like a diary entry.

After you've established who you are and what you're about, your blog is open to a variety of topics.  


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Dr. Michael Fling's DVDs


"Seven Steps to Treatment Success"

                         DVDs, Part 1 & 2     $89.95        

"Occlusion Demystified"        

                         DVDs, Part 1 & 2     $89.95


"Stuff that Matters"                  

                         DVDs, Part 1 & 2     $89.95


              Complete Set of 6 DVDs including:   

              Seven Steps to Treatment Success (Part 1 & 2),       

              Occlusion Demystified (Part 1 & 2) and

              Stuff that Matters (Part 1 & 2).                       $259.95 



2012 Scheduled Speaking Engagements

Aug 28, 2012            Oklahoma City,OK             AEGD Residents (OU College of Dentistry)

                                                                                "Preparation Design"

Sept 18, 2012           Oklahoma City,OK             AEGD Residents (OU College of Dentistry)

                                                                                "Comprehensive Care"

Sept 25, 2012           Oklahoma City,OK             AEGD Residents (OU College of Dentistry)


Sept 28, 2012           Denver, CO                        Gnathodontics Lab 

                                                                                 "Preparation Design and Hands-on Course"

Oct 1, 2012               Oklahoma City, OK            OU College of Dentistry

                                                                                 "Treatment Planning Course l"

Oct 7-12, 2012          Miami, FL                           Pankey Institute

                                                                                 E3 Class

Oct 19-20, 2012        Atlanta, GA                        Georgia Health Sciences

                                                                                 "Seven Steps to Treatment Success" 

Oct 22, 2012             Oklahoma City, OK            OU College of Dentistry

                                                                                 "Treatment Planning Course ll"

Oct 29, 2012             Pittsburgh, PA                    Pittsburgh Academy of Dentistry

                                                                                  "Seven Steps to Treatment Success"

Nov 2, 2012              Cleveland, OH                   SW Ohio Study Club

                                                                                  "The Dentist-Technician Relationship"

Nov 24, 2012            New York City, NY             Greater NY Dental Meeting

                                                                                  "Seven Steps to Treatment Success"

                                                                                  "Restorative Sequencing & Digital Dentistry"



Thought for the Month

"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together." - Paul Ryan


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Fling Seminars- Dr. Michael Fling - Pankey Institute
Fling Seminars- Dr. Michael Fling - Pankey Institute

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