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September 2012

Michael C. Fling, D.D.S
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We're excited to have a new look to our monthly update.  Our intent is to inspire and make an impact on you, the reader each month with our thoughts, stories, tips, news, etc. My speaking has grown to include motivational and team building seminars, which have become very popular and highly requested.  I continue to enjoy traveling around the country speaking to groups of old friends and new acquaintances.  Hope to see you soon!


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32 Laps

We are glad to announce the publication of Dr. Fling's first book titled 32 Laps.  This will be available on January 15, 2013.  For more information, contact Bonnie at (405) 848-6743.

New Eyes

When you look at the numbers, there are industry standard numbers that have great meaning. As an example, if I have a practice that produces $10,000/month, then hygiene revenues should be typically about 30% or $3000/month. Of that $3000, about 30% of that should be periodontal procedures- $900/month. I have trackedeye my office productivity forever. Well maybe not forever, but definitely for a long time. My hygiene revenue has always been healthy, yet as I looked closer, our periodontal procedures did not meet the industry standard. I wondered if I had a clerical issue or a clinical issue. The fact is that the average age of the patient in my practice is 104. Not really- but it is an established practice. The point is that it would seem that there would be a lot more periodontal procedures being done. So I looked. Indeed, we had many patients who were on a more frequent recall and were not being considered periodontal patients. But, it gave me motivation to look even closer and I wanted to share the following ideas with you.


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ACT Dental

With Fall comes October, and with October comes Breast Cancer Awareness month. A valuable member of the ACT Dental Team, Sheri Kay, published a book based on her experience with breast cancer. Visit her website at


January 3-4, 2013 - Marketing Think Tank

Culinary Institute of Kansas City

From innovative marketing ideas, to building an effective web presence;  this two day event will provide you with the tools you need to get your marketing plan working quickly and cost effectively!! For more info contact   


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Pankey Institute

October 7-11, 2012 - Essentials 3 Course
It is with excitement and pride that I have the honor to facilitate this course with several great people. In addition to Pankey's outstanding resident faculty, Dr. Yasmin George and Dr. Michael Rogers will be teaching and both bring great insight and passion to their work. I have personally been involved in the development and implementation of the new curriculum. This class is currently full. Visit for additional courses offered.


Golden Proportions


Eight Innovative Ways to Engage Your Patients on Facebook


Facebook is a great marketing tool that can be used to stay connected with your patients year-round. However, it's crucial that you actively engage your fans and show them why they "liked" your page in the first place. You can easily do this through unique status updates and posts.

  1. "Fill in the blank" status. This simple tactic can increase activity on your page through comments on your post. It's as easy as finding an interesting fun fact about dentistry and having your fans take a guess at filling in the blank.


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Dr. Michael Fling's DVDs


"Seven Steps to Treatment Success"

                              DVDs, Part 1 & 2           $ 89.95        


"Occlusion Demystified"        

                              DVDs, Part 1 & 2           $ 89.95


"Stuff that Matters"                  

                              DVDs, Part 1 & 2           $ 89.95


              Complete Set of 6 DVDs including:   

              Seven Steps to Treatment Success (Part 1 & 2),       

              Occlusion Demystified (Part 1 & 2) and

              Stuff that Matters (Part 1 & 2).                                 $259.95 



Upcoming Events

Aug 28, 2012            Oklahoma City,OK             AEGD Residents (OU College of Dentistry)

                                                                                "Preparation Design"

Sept 18, 2012           Oklahoma City,OK             AEGD Residents (OU College of Dentistry)

                                                                                "Comprehensive Care"

Sept 25, 2012           Oklahoma City,OK             AEGD Residents (OU College of Dentistry)


Sept 28, 2012           Denver, CO                        Gnathodontics Lab 

                                                                                 "Preparation Design and Hands-on Course"

Oct 1, 2012               Oklahoma City, OK            OU College of Dentistry

                                                                                 "Treatment Planning Course l"

Oct 7-12, 2012          Miami, FL                           Pankey Institute

                                                                                 E3 Class

Oct 19-20, 2012        Atlanta, GA                        Georgia Health Sciences

                                                                                 "Seven Steps to Treatment Success" 

Oct 22, 2012             Oklahoma City, OK            OU College of Dentistry

                                                                                 "Treatment Planning Course ll"

Oct 29, 2012             Pittsburgh, PA                    Pittsburgh Academy of Dentistry

                                                                                  "Seven Steps to Treatment Success"

Nov 2, 2012              Cleveland, OH                   SW Ohio Study Club

                                                                                  "The Dentist-Technician Relationship"

Nov 24, 2012            New York City, NY             Greater NY Dental Meeting

                                                                                  "Seven Steps to Treatment Success"

                                                                                  "Restorative Sequencing & Digital Dentistry"



Thought for the Month

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" - Wayne Dyer

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Fling Seminars- Dr. Michael Fling - Pankey Institute
Fling Seminars- Dr. Michael Fling - Pankey Institute

Michael C. Fling, D.D.S.

Bonnie Scott/ Program Coordinator  



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