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   May 2016

Happy Spring! At this time of year, you may be attending transition IEP meetings or annual review IEP meetings. If you have questions or concerns about this process, we are here to help.  Attend one of our Parent Connections meetings to receive information and support.

Read the advocacy alert updates regarding special education funding for Evanston schools and the D202 Board Goals.  We continue to make excellent progress on both fronts.

I hope you find the information in this newsletter informative and interesting.  If you have ideas for content you would like to see, let me know at
Warm regards,
Cari Levin, LCSW
Founding Director
Evanston CASE 
Institute for Therapy Through the Arts
Summer Programs
The Institute for Therapy Through the Arts is offering a variety of programs this summer.

1. Kids Can Be Heroes
Comic Art and Costume Play for Pre-Teen Boys

2. Friendship Can Be Magical
Art and Drama for Teen Girls

3. B.E.A.T.S.
Building Expression with Autism Through Song
For children ages 3-5 with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

For more information regarding times, availability and cost, call (847) 425-9807 ext. 590

Special Education Funding Legislation 

As you know,  The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has proposed education funding changes which will adversely affect Evanston students with disabilities.  In order for these funding changes to occur, they must be authorized by the Illinois legislature.
CASE has been busy trying to protect the interests of Evanston students with disabilities by engaging in the following activities:
1.  Creating a petition on, which currently has 313 signatures, to protest the funding changes; (sign the petition HERE)
2.  Contacting Evanston legislators by phone, email, and in person to educate them about how the changes will affect Evanston students and asking them to vote against them;
3. CASE Director of Public Policy Julie Corbier de Lara appeared before the ISBE Board to protest funding changes and educate the Board members as to how those changes will adversely affect Evanston students with disabilities.  Julie spoke to some ISBE board members and the State Superintendent after the meeting and received positive feedback. She was able to connect with the CFO of ISBE a few days after the meeting to clarify some of the funding details and reiterate our concerns.
4.  Writing editorials in the Round Table to educate and engage the public regarding the funding issues.
5.  Lobbying the Tribune and Sun Times to write an article about CASE'S activities on this issue.  We were contacted by a reporter from the Trib but the article has not been published yet. 
6.  Continuing a dialogue with Board members and staff of D65 and 202 to keep them abreast of our endeavor to support them and our kids around this issue.
While CASE has been busy trying to advocate for our students, we cannot do it alone.  Please write a letter of protest to your state legislators and mail or fax it to them.  Your legislators are: Senator Daniel Biss, Senator Heather Steans, Representative Robyn Gabel, Representative Kelley Cassidy and Representative  Laura Fine.
Legislators are extremely interested in what their constituents have to say.  You are the ones who vote them in or out and they want to know what you think so they can do the best job they can for you.   Please let them know what you think.

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