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  April 2016

Thursday, April 14th, 7-9 p.m.
Evanston CASE Will Present

"Dyslexia: Evaluations, Best Practices, Advocacy Strategies and the Law"

Panel Presentation by 
Dr. Sharon Johnson, Neuropsychologist
Cari Levin, LCSW Special Education Advocate 
Jill Calian and Rachael Gross, Special Education Attorneys at Law
Location: Evanston Public Library Downtown Branch, 1703 Orrington Ave.
To register, contact us at or (847)566-8676

April is Autism Awareness Month. Look for ways to spread the word and educate the community.  There are some suggestions in this newsletter below.

I hope you find the information in this newsletter informative and interesting.  If you have ideas for content you would like to see, let me know at
Warm regards,
Cari Levin, LCSW
Founding Director
Evanston CASE 

April is National Autism Awareness Month

  Increase autism awareness this month in a variety of ways.  Here are just a few: Make a donation to the Autism Society HERE.  Read or donate an age appropriate book about autism to your child's classroom.  Download some neat craft ideas and informative posters from Pinterest HERE. Check out the Puzzle Piece Project and Autism Awareness Month Tool Kit from Autism Speaks HERE.

49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child

From The Mighty blog:

Anxiety can be debilitating.  It can make it hard to impossible to go to school, to take an exam or to deal with social situations.  The list in this article is comprehensive and there is something appropriate for every age.  The basic premise is to distract the brain. Beside the benefit of coping with a single episode of anxiety, these techniques can build a sense of mastery and control over something that feels terribly out of a child's control.

Click HERE to read the article.

"Fight or Flight"
How Anxiety Leads to Disruptive or Aggressive Behavior
From Child

"A 10-year-old boy named James has an outburst in school. Upset by something a classmate says to him, he pushes the other boy, and a shoving-match ensues. When the teacher steps in to break it up, James goes ballistic, throwing papers and books around the classroom and bolting out of the room and down the hall. He is finally contained in the vice principal's office, where staff members try to calm him down. Instead, he kicks the vice principal in a frenzied effort to escape. The staff calls 911, and James ends up in the Emergency Room."

"James's story illustrates something that parents and teachers may not realize -- that disruptive behavior is often generated by unrecognized anxiety. A child who appears to be oppositional or aggressive may be reacting to anxiety -- anxiety he may. . .not be able to articulate effectively, or not even fully recognize that he's feeling."

To read more, click HERE

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