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LogoEvanston Citizens for Appropriate Special Education (CASE) is a community advocacy organization working to improve the range, quality and accessibility of special education services in Evanston/Skokie District 65 and ETHS District 202.

We provide information and support for parents of children with special needs through Parent Connections meetings and our CASEline number.
We are commited to advancing disability awareness in the Evanston community.

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On the CASE 

October 2013

Hello Evanston CASE members,


CASE has been busy this month, so the newsletter is a bit late. 


Our efforts to advocate for improved mental health services at ETHS were successful on several fronts.  It prompted the Special Education Department staff and Student Services staff to present information about what is currently offered and to answer probing questions posed by School Board members.  In addition, a discussion about the need to create a space for students struggling with emotional dysregulation and staffing it with a social worker or psychologist, was initiated by Dr. Wilczynski, psychologist.  He mentioned it as a "pie in the sky" idea, and school board member Jonathan Baum commented that it should not be considered an unattainable goal.   Also, disturbing data regarding the number of students hospitalized -- 40-50 a year -- caught the attention of everyone in the room.  CASE will continue to monitor this issue over the coming months.


Thank you to everyone to helped us to advocate on this very important issue.


In this issue:

  • October is ADHD Awareness Month
  • 40 Best Accommodations for Students with ADHD
  • When School Says Dyslexia Isn't a Disability
  • Learning Disability Fact Sheet
  • Club Wonder and Rainbow Therapy Time
  • Parent Connections starting Tuesday, November 12th
  • "The Nap Year"


Warm regards,


Cari Levin, LCSW

Founding Director

Evanston CASE 


October is ADHD Awareness Month


Promote the facts about ADHD to others to build understanding and support:


ADHD Facts

40 Best Accommodations for Students with ADHD

Here are some accommodations you can request in your child's IEP or 504 Plan to ensure academic success.  Published in ADDitude magazine.


 40 Best Accommodations

When the School Says Dyslexia is Not a Disability 


Parents: Has your child been diagnosed with dyslexia or do you suspect it? Do you want to learn about dyslexia? Do you want to find out how to help her? Is dyslexia testing a mystery to you?


Teachers: Do you suspect there are children with dyslexia in your classroom? Are you looking for new ways to help those struggling students in your classroom? Is dyslexia a mystery to you?


The Dyslexia Training Institute offers online information for parents and educators about dyslexia.


 Click here for information



Learning Disabilities Fact Sheet

Parents often tell us that they suspect their child has a learning disability but they can't get the school to agree to evaluate for it.  Or if the school has evaluated and determined there is a learning disability, parents feel their child is not making progress.


This blog post on Special Education Advisor provides a comprehensive Fact Sheet that you may find helpful as you advocate for your child.


Fact Sheet

Great Groups offered at the Skokie Public Library

Club Wonder and Rainbow Therapy Time are two groups offered at the Skokie Public Library.


Club Wonder

Third Saturdays, 10:30-11:30am Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 16, Dec. 21, Jan. 18,  Feb. 15, March 15, April 19, and May 17

Young children are invited to the Library monthly to  experience various classes such as music, art, story-time, movement, play, and communication. Each class will be led by specialists from different therapy organizations. Parents and siblings attend with the child. For children ages 3 to 7. Call 847.324.3149 each month to register.


Rainbow Therapy Time

Third Sundays, 12:15 to 1:15pm Oct. 20, Nov. 17, Dec. 15, Jan. 19, Feb. 16, March 16, April 20, and May 18

Older children with special needs are invited to the Library to  enjoy the benefits of interacting with trained therapy dogs.  Rainbow dog handlers will work with the children to strengthen attention skills, learn social skills, and increase language use. Parents remain in the Library while children attend the program accompanied by volunteer aides. For children ages 7 to 12. Call 847.324.3149 each month to register . 


 Parent Connections Groups

Evanston CASE is offering our Parent Connections meetings starting next month, Tuesday November 12th 7-9 p.m. 


The topic for November is:


 "Parenting a child with a mood disorder"



Second Tuesday evening each month, November to May, 7-9 p.m.


Evanston Public Library Downtown Branch



To register:  or 847-556-8676


"In Defense of The Nap Year"

 In Defense of a Nap Year, by Rebecca Lanning is a moving article about a mom's struggle to get her son through school and both his and her plan to take badly needed break before moving on to the next phase of his life -- college.


Click here to read the article