Thurs., Dec. 13, 2012 

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IASWCD names new soil health program manager 

Indianapolis --   Lisa Holscher joins the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (IASWCD) staff as the association's new soil health program manager.


Lisa Holscher Holscher is the newest member of the Conservation Cropping Systems INitiative (CCSI) team. She will coordinate the development of a series of training hubs for Indiana Conservation Partnership staff working with farmers around the state, as well as a mentoring program to provide one-on-one technical assistance to farmers. She describes the position as "delivering consistent and correct information to farmers in an effort to improve the health and productivity of Indiana's soils."


CCSI is a collaboration between the Indiana Conservation Partnership organizations, the agricultural industry and Hoosier farmers. Specialists encourage the adoption of long-term continuous no-till practices along with cover crops, nutrient and pest management, precision-farming technology, and the use of conservation buffers. The desired result for Indiana cropland is improved soil health and water quality, and profitability for Hoosier farmers.


"We are thrilled to have Lisa as a part of the Conservation Cropping Systems INitiative team," says Ray McCormick, IASWCD President. "Indiana's CCSI has showcased the power of conservation by mitigating the impacts of temperature extreme and drought this past summer, giving hope that we, as producers now have the tools to adapt to our changing climate. Lisa's addition to the team only makes this initiative even stronger for Indiana farmers!"


"To protect and enhance our environment while growing more food may seem like a strange goal to some," Holscher says, "but it makes perfect sense. If you treat the soil like the diverse ecosystem it is, you can improve its overall health. Healthier soils tend to be more productive soils - providing a better return on inputs for farmers and producing more food," Holscher adds.


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