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Full Moon, December, 2012

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Perhaps you prefer to spend your winter time listening to something.
There are many good Dhamma talks on line, and a few months ago we featured talks by Ayya Khema.

And there is always chanting to keep us warm through the cold winter.

Aham avero homi 
May I be free from enmity and danger
abyapajjho homi 
May I be free from mental suffering
anigha homi
May I be free from physical suffering
sukhi attanam pariharami 
May I take care of my own happiness

To listen to this....
Click here for Loving Kindness Chants

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candle buddhas  


It is winter in Canada and a time to snuggle by the fire with a good Dhamma book. Here is a great suggestion, especially those of you interested in Theravada Buddhism. 

Go to: 


The Voice and Activities of Theravada Buddhist Women





There are also many good things to read on our updated web site. 




Go to our "Resources" for insightful reading, and also to catch up on our past newsletters.


  Pemberton Full Moon

Early morning, the last full moon of 2012 

setting in the Pemberton Valley BC.




Just as treasures are uncovered from 

the earth, 

so virtue appears from good deeds, 

and wisdom 

appears from a pure and peaceful mind. 

To walk safely through the maze

 of human life, 

one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.