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Full Moon, November 28th, 2012

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    Me and my dog
Touch by 
We all have moments of being aware of the constant ebb, flow, and change of all things.
But sometimes that impermanence  effect us more than at other times. 
This past week I had to say good-bye to a much loved pet.  
Was I not only tangibly shown the impermanence of life itself, but was also given an opportunity to watch sorrow arise and dissipate. 
And with that sorrow, I was also welcomed to view how much joy had been connected to it.
 I can't actually say that I have completely embraced gratitude for my sorrow, but I was offered a glimpse. 
Being thankful for our grief is a big pill to swallow,  but perhaps, 
a treasured gift.
 is a Good time...
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Dear (Contact First Name),

 Mae Chee Kaew
 Her Journey to Spiritual Awakening
 & Enlightenment

Mae-chee Kaew
  Click here to access a free edition of this book

 Book Review & Personal Reflections:

by Leslie Young 




 When I first saw this book, I was immediately drawn to look inside. Partly because it's a story of awakening, and partly because it's about a woman's journey. Historically in life and in some spiritual traditions, women have been relegated to a secondary position. Many times lip service is done to equality among gender, ethnicity and race, but in practice, we often see otherwise. In today's world, women continue to rally for equal rights; it is an ongoing issue. Sakyadhita recognizes the vital contribution being made by women in the Buddhist community and honours the need to establish greater support and connection among the female sangha. Even though meditation allows us to see beyond our stories, one of the ways to connect is to share our stories. 


The story of Mae Chee Kaew is one of a dedicated and spirited woman who overcame many challenges on her spiritual path.

Click here to read this complete article .... 


Leslie Young

  Leslie Young is a friend of

Sakyadhita Canada 

who lives on Savary island,

 which is near Powell River in BC.  



Buddha Rupa   


I visited all quarters with my mind

Nor found I any dearer than myself;

Self is likewise to every other dear;

Who loves oneself may never harm another.

Udāna 47


When King Pasenadi asked Queen Mallikā whether there was anyone she loved more than herself, she replied that there was not. Pasenadi, a little miffed, having expected her to answer that she loved him more than herself, took the question to the Buddha, who answered with the above verse.

The Buddha used the question as an opportunity to stress the Path to Deathlessness. He found no argument with the truth of Mallikā's answer --- that she loved herself more than anyone else --- having seen that this is naturally the case with all beings. Where he stressed the importance of the question was what it means to love oneself. He pointed out that total self-love is total harmlessness!!

As disciples of the Buddha, when we follow the path that he set down for us, we are less and less attracted to the adverse mind states that lead to suffering. We can experience for ourselves that any harmful act is actually an act that harms us. As we gain experience of the truth of this, we develop a deeper faith in the process, which in turn leads to insight and Wisdom; a deeper peace within. As Queen Mallikā knew, it is definitely in our best interest to know that to love oneself; one must do what is loving. This is easily accomplished as we gain insight into the benefit received from staying mindful of our intention to follow the five precepts and slowly allow the process to dissolve the views that we hold that keep us from perfect peace.

Venerable Sārani Karuna



When Venerable Sarani submitted this for the newsletter she wrote...

"The little article that I just wrote is attached,
but I am not attached to it, 

so, if you find it useful that is ok, if
not, I will not take it personally!!"


What a great little piece of insight.

May we all practice to not be attached to our attachments.