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Why the Era of CRM is Over...

In this MemberWise Insight video, Niroo Rad of ASI Europe explains why the era of CRM is over and why members need to transition to single online solutions that enable access from any device, at any time and from anywhere

Niroo Rad, CEO, ASI Europe
Niroo Rad, CEO, ASI Europe
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Our eUpdate features information about 120 + providers that specialise in providing solutions to membership organisations and associations.

This month our eUpdate is kindly sponsored by ASI Europe. 
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ISSUE NO. 45 / January 2015 
Your monthly eUpdate has evolved...


Welcome to our first eUpdate of the year!

We start the year with a complete eUpdate makeover that designed to deliver the content you want to read in a more reader friendly format.

You will see shorter 'taster' articles, more links to information and advice, more Membership Sector Blog articles, new video Insights, updates on the latest sector 'goings on', and our programme of association and membership professional conferences and seminars.

Let's take a look at what we've got in store for you this month...
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Membership Excellence 2015 - Early Bird Offers close at 5pm tomorrow!
We are pleased to announce that 150 delegates have registered to attend this year's national membership focused conference:

Membership Excellence 2015 

MemberWise Conferences & Events
We hope you can join us!

We have 24 Early Bird places available but these must be reserved by 5pm tomorrow.

This year's topic areas include:

Membership Scheme Change & Development, Member Experience Engineering, Member Focused Content Strategy & Delivery, Member Marketing Automation, Effective Membership Segmentation, Member Focused Digital Strategy & Delivery, Membership Crowdsourcing, Royal Charter Application Best Practice, Member Conference Enhancement, Regional Membership Growth, Enhancing Member Voting, Engagment & Participation, Membership Professionalism & Involvement in Member Career progression.

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Membership Sector Blog
The Value of Online Member Engagement

We've come a long way in 20 years, from the birth of the World Wide Web in a formal society, to casual everyday engagement with a widening online community on our sleek mobile phones.  

The CRM tools to which membership organisations now have access, helping them to manage their member base, are the first benefit of this digital journey, and they add measurable value because the evolution from manual to digital processing can be traced...
Next Free Lunch & Learn...
Protecting Your Brand - 26 February - London

Brand protection is an important area for organisations of all kinds, and the laws surrounding registered trade marks, and passing off, are a minefield.

It is just as key for associations and membership organisations to protect those most vital of assets - their names and logos - as it is for their members.

 MemberWise Insights...
E-Mentoring Pilot Update Interview (CIMA)
Veena Naik, Learning & Development Officer, CIMA - e-Mentoring Insight
Veena Naik, Learning & Development Officer
CIMA - e-Mentoring Insight
In this MemberWise Insight we interview Veena about the current CIMA e-Mentoring pilot that is being conducted with up to 1,000 student members.

Veena introduces CIMA, outlines why e-Montoring is being piloted, provides an overview of the member focused drivers for the project and outlines how the organisation will measure success.

This Insight was filmed at the membership sector's annual national web conference, Harnessing the Web 2014.

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Online Discussion...
Its Good to Talk... And We Certainly Are Doing So!

Our online professional networking group is one of the largest and most active with over 1,200 association and membership professionals participating.

We list the latest discussions below:

- How do you promote member discounts? (Girlguiding)
- Justifying your Membership Organisation's Membership Department (MemberWise)
- What's in a name? (CIPA)
- Recommend a Change Facilitation Coach or Leader for a Workshop (RIBA)
- Perceived Awards Scam (MemberWise)
- eLearning Supplier Recommendations (RCOG)
- Introducing our new EU Research & Development Manager (MemberWise)
- Member survey content sharing (ACEVO)
- Interested in developing and growing engagement with Higher Education (K2/MemberWise)

Join in the conversation...

Note: Entry to the group is exclusively for Membership Professionals, Association Professionals and Recognised Suppliers.