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Issue 31
November 2013
Dear Colleague

Welcome to your November eUpdate!

We start this issue with a final call-to-action to complete our web benchmarketing survey that has been completed by 316 membership and association professionals.

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- Great! You will receive a free copy of our benchmarking report, an invitation to our VIP survey launch event plus the opportunity to win one of two 50 John Lewis vouchers (winners announced next month). 


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to evaluate current and future proposed activity against membership sector trends. Complete our survey... 

In this issue we invite you to our first Lunch and Learn of 2014 (member disputes theme), we investigate if associations really are going mobile and highlight our 3 MemberWise Hot Topics.


We also launch our first membership expert interview on our new video channels, look at the parity between association and football club long-standing members, highlight the latest sector vacancies plus our usual articles.   


This issue is kindly sponsored by leading engagement management system provider, ASI Europe.

Let's get started!

Richard Gott
Chair, The MemberWise Network
In this issue...
Member Disputes Lunch & Learn - Register now!
Associations going mobile. Really?
MemberWise Hot 3 Topics
MemberWise Membership Expert Interview Launched (Video) - The latest vacancies
Think Longstanding Members & Think On?
The Latest Online Banter!
And finally - Something to make you think...
Member Disputes Lunch & Learn - Register now!
Our first Lunch and Learn of 2014 will focus on how to effectively handle member disputes in a robust manner and is kindly hosted by Bates Wells Braithwaite.

BWB partners Rosamund McCarthy and Selman Ansari along with solicitor Mark Scodie will speak at this comprehensive seminar, guiding you through:


- Before disputes arise: What should your documentation say? 

- When disputes arise: How should you run procedures fairly and proportionately?
- After disputes arise: What action should you take?



11:45 - Registration
12:00 - Seminar commences
12:55 - Lunch and networking
Note: Places are strictly for membership organisation and association professionals due to limited capacity. 
Associations going mobile. Really?

I have published the second in my series of Guest Blogs and this time I focus on how membership organisations and associations are harnessing the 'mobile web' (smartphones and tablet PCs).

This guest blog post highlights statistically significant results gained from the MemberWise Network's Harnessing the Web 2013 Survey Summary Report that provided our sector with its first 'temperature check' on current and future use of the web to optimise member value and growth.  


Key themes include an argument that 'Apps' are not the way forward and a growing consensus that rendering content (via flexible content management systems) across devices is a much more cost-effective and accessible way forward.


View the full Blog post on either:

XYZ University Blog...
Deeson Member Communications Blog...

Download the full 'Harnessing the Web 2013 Survey Summary report':

Harnessing the Web 2013 Summary Report...  

MemberWise Hot 3 Topics - Providing focus...

Over the past couple of weeks you may have seen that our homepage has changed. We have removed a lot of text and you will now see 3 Hot Topic Areas that will change on a quarterly basis. 

Topic 1 - Member Disputes
Topic 2 - Finding Your Next Role

Topic 3 - Web Activity Benchmarking


Each topic has a solution to address the topic area.     

Solution 2 - Our website
Solution 3 - Our Harnessing the Web 2013/4 benchmarking report 


We are keen to ensure our topics are as current/relevant as possible so please feel free to submit any topic areas you would like us to focus on over the coming months.

Visit the MemberWise homepage... 

MemberWise Membership Expert Interview launched
Over the coming months we will launch our membership expert interviews and a new best-practice series that will feature elements of our recent Harnessing the Web 2013 conference.

This month we start off with our first interview with George Land, Chairman of APT Solutions (CRM Provider) and MemberWise Recognised Supplier.

In this interview George outlines the need for effective web-enabled membership services. He advocates the appropriate use of social media and the need to focus on the effective integration of web and CRM functionality to enable a truly personalised member experience.

Key themes include expected online functionality for both members and membership organisation/association staff, the need to accurately record and effectively extract member data, and how the MemberWise Network is enabling membership and association professionals to network, engage and drive the sector forward.

MemberWise Membership Expert Interview Series - George Land, Chairman, APT Solutions
MemberWise Membership Expert Interview
George Land, Chairman, APT Solutions - The latest vacancies Looking for your next role?

At last. All the latest sector vacancies in just one place. 


Browse the latest roles within our sector or if you are looking to fill a vacancy we can help. 

Director of Commercial Services and Membership
British Institute of Innkeeping, London ( NEGOTIABLE)

Membership Officer
Royal College of Physicians, London (28k pro rata)

Membership Marketing Officer
Royal College of General Practitioners, London (22k)


Director of Marketing
Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers, SW London (65k) 


Find your next role...
Follow the latest vacancies on Twitter...


Looking to fill a vacancy? - Our dedicated new job website is fast becoming the leading way to find the right candidate. We can communicate your vacancy to over 1,400 membership and association professionals via our growing network.

How much does it cost? From as little as 134 for a 30-day advert

Where will vacancies be advertised? Affiliated networks, MembershipJobs website, monthly eUpdate, monthly job alert, LinkedIn Group and Twitter.


Think Longstanding Members & Think On?

We are always on the 'look-out' for great Blog Posts that link to good practice within the membership and association sector. This month we signpost a great Blog Post from Mark Bradley @FanExperienceCo:  


'The real reason season ticket holders get annoyed at new fan pricing initiatives'       

You should read this blog post as you'll see parity between the requirements of long standing football club members and how (when you think about it) their basic needs are very similar to long standing Members, Fellows and Life Members of membership bodies. The secret (unsuprisingly) is to actively listen and action appropriate change.

You can see from this Blog what this member perceives as good practice (from a club perspective) and what should be offered. Perhaps we have some lessons to learn?   


If you would like us to signpost a great article or blog post please let us know! 

Read Football Club Blog Post...  


The latest online banter...

Our online professional networking group continues to provide you with a unique opportunity to network with over 900+ senior membership organisation and association professionals.

The group is hosted on popular online professional networking website, LinkedIn, and is only accessible to membership professionals, association professionals and MemberWise Recognised Suppliers.

The group includes news articles, event information, online discussions/debate, supplier promotions and more.


Take a look at our current 'top discussion topics':  

Social networks logo 

1: Membership surveys - The one question to ask
2: Interns - An opportunity to gain and invest?
3: Quick ways to bring much needed revenue
4: MemberWise facilitates CSP Away Day Session
5: Managing social media platforms
6: Data Protection Case Study 


Join in the conversation... 

And finally - Something to make you think...
Our network is all about sharing so here is our regular 'Think Piece' article submitted by Susie Kay from The Professionalism Group.


Consider these two quotes - they are among my favourites: 

'The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year.'  

(John Foster Dulles)

'The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results' (Albert Einstein)

And now, thinking about your own association or membership organisation, what might your answer be to the following two questions:

1) Is your association/organisation suffering from an issue which is impeding its progress or from a seemingly insoluble problem which you know needs to be resolved?

2) Do you want to go through another year without resolving this issue?

As we move towards the holiday break and the New Year restart, you may find yourself with a little time at your disposal to contemplate what next year will look like, what needs to be achieved, what your agreed strategy requires,  how realistic the targets are that you have set.  If your thoughts tend to drift towards the same old issues that you faced this year then perhaps it is time to find an answer to my third question: 


3) What is really stopping you from dealing with this critical issue?

I would be willing to bet that you have already identified the root cause of the issue. Ask yourself whether it is truly a mountain or just a historical molehill that is going to make everyone uncomfortable if you try to find a way to eradicate the mole?  

If you already know that your association / organisation would be able to make huge strides forward if you able to resolve the issue then now would be a good time to decide whether you have the internal resources to work out how to deal with it or whether you will need some impartial, external assistance.   Wouldn't it be more effective to deal with some short term discomfort as a means of achieving long term success?  Take the plunge, you know you want to! 


We are always looking to develop and improve our monthly e-update so if you would like to submit ideas/recommendations or enquire about sponsoring the next issue please get in-touch!


Yours Sincerely,

Richard Gott
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