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Issue 24
April 2013
Dear Colleague

Welcome to your April eUpdate!


Spring may not have exactly 'sprung' just yet, however we have a great eUpdate for you this month containing the latest good practice-related information, advice and happenings within our sector!


We kick off this issue by signposting two great events (taking place in Central London) that can help you to better recruit and retain members, and investigate new income streams:

1) What's in it for me?
- Free member value-focused 'lunch and learn' session (hosted by Kingston Smith), London, 11th April. Only 4 places left!

2) Conducting Effective Member Research to Drive Membership Value and Growth conference (in partnership with Research by Design), London, 23rd May.

Take a look at our selection of great articles below...


This issue is kindly sponsored by our 2013 eUpdate Partner - Leading CRM provider, ASI Europe.

Let's get started!

Richard Gott

The MemberWise Network

In this issue...
Free Lunch & Learn: What's in it for me? 10 places left - 11th April
MAP Framework development endorsed by HM Treasury
Can we create 'the perfect' membership survey?
Free good practice advice just for you... - The latest vacancies
MemberWise Presents @ ACEVO
The Latest Online Discussions!
And finally - Something to make you think...
Free Lunch & Learn: What's in it for me? Coming?

Lunch and Learn ImageWe are pleased to announce that over 40 membership organisations and associations have registered! Coming? Its not too late!


What's in it for me?
Hosted by Kingston Smith

- 11th April 2013
- Kingston Smith, Devonshire House, London


Keeping existing members and attracting new ones is vital for the success of every membership organisation. The challenge is to clearly communicate and reinforce the 'WIFM' factor 'what's in it for me' and to demonstrate how your association can 'add value' for its members.

Join MemberWise and Kingston Smith for this insightful event where we will be providing best-practice tips and advice on how to ensure your organisation is offering a truly 'added value' service to its members, which in turn will help you grow your membership and keep attrition rates to a minimum.


11:30 - Registration
12:00 - Interactive Presentation
12:45 - Question and Answer Session
13:00 - Networking Lunch

Places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis and is strictly for membership organisation and association representatives only (due to limited capacity).

Register now...

MAP Framework endorsed by HM Treasury!

We are pleased to announce that on 19th March HM Treasury formally accepted the recommendations contained within the Heseltine Review, including the continued development of the MAP Competence Framework (Recommendation 67).


The MemberWise Network, The Professionalism Group and the Trade Association Forum (TAF) continue to 'road test' the framework with leading membership organisations and associations.

Initial feedback confirms that the framework enables positive and measurable change/development to be identified/actioned, however further quality assurance work is required.

'Road-testing' will continue and we will keep you updated on our progress!

Find out more about the MAP project...
Request to participate in our 'road test'...  

Can we create 'The Perfect Membership Survey'?

Member Research Conference

This will be the 'delegate challenge' at our next national conference dedicated to member research.

23rd May, One Whitehall Place, London

The 'challenge' will not focus on question content as this is variable (in terms of organisational/member need/focus), however the challenge will be to see if a template can be created to enable the sector to take a more structured and outcome focused approach to membership surveys.

Session Chair, Susie Kay, will be 'throwing down the gauntlet' later this month via the MemberWise LinkedIn Group.

The conference will enable you to develop a more informed and structured approach to member research. This will lead to richer quantitative/qualitative results that will better inform future member value proposition creation/development. In turn, this should help you to improve member retention, recruitment and income generation.


Delegates will enjoy 8 dedicated sessions that will be 'brought-to-life' via case studies including BVA, BOHS, CIMA, IOSH, IPU, PMI and RCP

50 delegates representing high profile organisations including the ACCA, IoD and RCN have already registered to attend.
Free good practice advice just for you... - Latest vacancies
At last. All the latest sector vacancies all in just one place. 


Latest roles:

1) Director of Education, ACT, London, 70-75k
2) Membership Manager, RPS, London, 33k
3) Head of Business Development/Membership, Sterling, 40-45k
4) Head of Marketing and Communication, ACFA, London, 50-55k
5) Committee Services Manager, BMA, London, 39k
6) Initiatives Administrator, RCGP, London, 20k


Find your next role...
Follow the latest vacancies on Twitter...


Looking to fill a vacancy? - Our dedicated new job website is fast becoming the leading way to find the right candidate. We can communicate your vacancy to over 1,300 membership and association professionals via our growing network.

Who has advertised with us over the past 14 days? Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Association of Corporate Treasurers, Royal College of General Practitioners and leading sector supplier Sterling Press Limited.

How much does it cost? From as little as 99 for a 30-day advert

Where will vacancies be advertised? Affiliated networks, MembershipJobs website, monthly eUpdate, monthly job alert, LinkedIn Group and Twitter.


MemberWise presents to 10 CEOs @ ACEVO!

On 28th March MemberWise Founder, Richard Gott, presented the findings of the recent 'Harnessing the web' survey summary report to the ACEVO Professional Association Special Interest Group (SIG).  ACEVO


The group included 10 CEOs representing leading professional associations including the Institute of Learning (IfL) and the Anatomical Society.

The session involved lively debate and discussion regarding current and future use of the web, online crowd-sourcing and localisation.

Over the coming months we will continue to work with senior membership organisation and association professionals to co-facilitate talks, interactive seminars and staff 'away days' that will enable informed web-based planning and development work linked to emerging sector trends.

You can request a co-facilitated seminar/talk for your organisation HERE.

The ACEVO Professional Association SIG is an inclusive benefit of ACEVO membership.
Find out more...

The latest online banter...

Our online professional networking group continues to provide you with a unique opportunity to network with over 720 senior membership organisation and association professionals.

The group is hosted on popular online professional networking website, LinkedIn, and is only accessible to membership professionals, association professionals and MemberWise Recognised Suppliers.

The group includes news articles, event information, online discussions/debate, supplier promotions and more.


Take a look at our current 'top 5 discussion topics':  

Social networks logo 

1: Collaboration with universities?

2: Most used term - database/CRM/EMS?

3: Institutional memberships - Where to start?

4: Defining your brand's tone online...
5: Electronic voting - resource suggestion!


Join in the conversation... 

And finally - Something to make you think...

Our network is all about sharing so from this month we will feature a regular 'Think Piece' article submitted by Susie Kay from The Professionalism Group.


Think I recently changed the way I pay one of my membership subscriptions.  Not a difficult thing to do - or so you would think.  About a month after my original change request I had still heard nothing so contacted the organisation again.  They assured me that the paperwork had been sent out and I would be receiving more documents by the end of the week.   


The week and then the weekend came and went so on the following Monday I contacted them again.  This time the response was to email me an abject apology and a scanned image of the document they said they had sent.  Why did they not do this in the first place?


I trust that this story has made your toes curl and that you are thinking "We treat our members better than that!".  I am sure you do but - just for the sake of thoroughness - ask yourself this question:  


"When was the last time you examined your full set of processes and procedures to ensure that they not only deliver service consistently and efficiently but so that they also maintain the link of trust with your members?"    


Nothing is easier to lose or harder to re-establish if lost.    


If you need to think about it then let's talk!  


We are always looking to develop and improve our monthly e-update so if you would like to submit ideas/recommendations or enquire about sponsoring the next issue please get in-touch!


Yours Sincerely,

Richard Gott
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