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Snow-Ops, the latest municipal web service by PeopleGIS, may be the only software of its kind in the world!  Imagine a software that manages all of your private snow plow contractors as they check-in, plow, sand, haul, and check-out.  Every minute of services is tracked, recorded, and automatically invoiced...saving your staff hours and hours of time and tons of headaches.


Working closely with the Town of Wakefield, PeopleGIS has created a web service so simple to use that Wakefield staff used it for the first time hours after delivery with minimal training.  The Town just put the software through it's paces again during the Hercules Storm event with great success. 


Snow-Ops can:

  • Inventory Contractors, their Vehicles, and Vehicle Rates (by activity)
  • Document Initial calls to contractors
  • Check-IN/Check-OUT Contractors as they arrive/depart
  • Track deductions and incidents throughout storm events
  • Generate Invoices in minutes following storm (printed or emailed)
  • Generate Snow Storm Summary reports
  • Generate Snow Season Summary reports.


"We teamed up with PeopleGIS to create a new Snow Operations System that manages contractors, vehicles, and streamlines invoicing.  Additionally, the system organizes contractor contact information, vehicle specs and generates reports crucial to budgeting and monitoring expenses.  I envision numerous opportunities for this system, it has tremendous versatility and potential.  It is allowing us to develop and further enhance operations, customer communication, and operations during these difficult financial times."


Richard Stinson, Director of Public Works

Town of Wakefield, MA



We really enjoyed building this application and watching our client put the software to use literally hours after we published.  This application will save hundreds of hours per snow season for our client, thus paying for itself several times over.  


On top of that...we can setup Snow-Ops for your operations in a single day!  It is not too late to implement this new service.  Call us today to learn more about our latest idea that has come to life...




Kevin Flanders, Pres.





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