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Sign Inventory Conducted by Citizens w/Tablets!

Hartford, CT



PeopleGIS has implemented MapsOnline and PeopleForms in support of a city-wide Signs, Sidewalk Ramps and Sidewalk Issues inventory project conducted by Hartford citizens!


Managed and implemented by the Beta Group, the system is being used on Android Tablets in the field by the students.  Students are mapping and photographing every sign, sidewalk ramp, and point sidewalk issue (such as tree-root issues).  


Back in the office, Beta's engineers receive the data for their review and classification. Based on the photography, sign types, conditions, and other attributes are entered in order to assess replacement and upgrade needs.


Throughout the process, results are broadcast via MapsOnline to all members of the Project Team in real-time...including the City of Hartford!


With the field work nearly complete, the students have mapped and photographed over 12,500 signs, 17,400 sidewalk issues, and 3,400 sidewalk ramps.



"This project shows how powerful our tools can be when our business partners and their clients collaborate on new ideas....that need today's technology to accomplish"


Kevin Flanders




"We were all amazed when we experienced the field data coming into MapsOnline in real-time...this is truly a contemporary toolset that meets our project management needs"


Anthony Garo

Beta Group





This MapsOnline site and accompanying PeopleForms applications are password-protected and can only be shown by private demonstration upon request.  





Kevin Flanders



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