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New Integration with Survey Grade GPS Proving Itself in the Field


Accurate field mapping of municipal resources has always presented a challenge.  Sub-meter GPS data was downloaded from the GPS, post-processed, exported to a partial mapping layer, and then "merged" into your GIS data.  And even after all of that, accurate elevation data required an additional visit to the field with traditional survey equipment to run levels!


No longer!  Working closely with Maine Technical Source of Woburn MA, PeopleGIS has integrated PeopleForms with Leica's Zeno line of RTK equipment.  PeopleForms recognizes the presence of your GPS and streams your live, real time centimeter accurate data directly into MapsOnline.


  • No more post processing! 
  • No more lost data!
  • No more delays!
  • No more exporting, importing, converting, copying and merging of data files!
  • No more multiple trips to the field!


And to prove it....



900 Sewer Manholes in Winthrop in 2 Man-Weeks

  • half day of training;
  • DPW staff mapped over 900 manholes in less than two man-weeks
  • captured X, Y, Z within 2 cm!


1000+ Grave Sites in Sudbury Revolutionary War Cemetery

  • mapped over 200 grave sites per hour!



We urge communities to call us to discuss how these tools can help you with your mapping needs.






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Our News Releases are intended to inform our client communities about what others are doing with SimpliCITY software.  Most of the applications profiled in our news releases can be copied from the PeopleForms Form Library for free!  The idea is to enable all of our communities to do more with our software.