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SimpliCITY for Assessors is a suite of online software tools designed specifically for Assessors.

enables Assessor's to visualize their information within their own community's GIS. Assessors can also share their data with local residents and their entire community's staff...all for a single cost.
MapsOnline includes all of the tools you would expect, and a few more:
1. Public & Staff Abutters Lists
2. Mailing Labels
3. Search by Owner
4. Search by Parcel ID
5. Search by Address
6. Print Maps
7. Abutters to Streets
8. Linked Building Photos
9. Linked Deeds & Plans
10. Field Inspection Tools
11. Google Streetview Integration
12. Bing Maps Integration



Data Connector eliminates the hassle of updating your GIS and tracking the relationship between your Assessing data and parcel mapping. In many cases, this critical system component makes everything possible by taking care responsibilities to your local GIS program for you:
1. Automated (nightly) uploads to MapsOnline
2. Automated (nightly) Mis-Match reports
3. Automated inclusion of Condo records in GIS parcel mapping
4. Customized handling of Public Assessing data versus Staff Assessing data



 Web Assessor

Web Assessor enables the sharing of Assessing data with local residents at a fraction of the cost of most providers.

1. Automatically updated (nightly) via Data Connector
2. Customized handling of valuation fields
3. Public-friendly searching interface
4. Linked Building Photos
5. Linked Property Cards
6. On-the-fly Property Cards

Imagine fewer phone calls and counter visits with requests for information.

Imagine sharing your data with your community's entire staff without lifting a finger.

Imagine needing to update your community's GIS one minute, and having it done two minutes later.

Imagine a software platform that makes your staff feel that they can do anything with their GIS.

Imagine all of these things, and then think SimpliCITY for Assessors.  

Our News Releases are intended to inform communities about what others are doing with SimpliCITY software.  Most of the applications profiled in our news releases can be copied from the PeopleForms Form Library for free!  The idea is to enable all of our communities to do more with our software.



Kevin Flanders