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PeopleGIS Releases PeopleForms 6.7

 Say Hello to Our Latest Addition to PeopleForms:  Sections !!!   


Are some of your forms too long for you and would you like to shorten their appearance? Now you can add collapsible sections to a form. Simply placing a "Section Start" before a block of questions and a "Section End" after the block of questions.  Users can expand or collapse the Section simply by clicking on the Section name.  Forms can have as many sections as you want.    



How About Modal Pop-Ups !!!    

"Generate Foreign Record" and "Show Records in Linked Table" questions can now cause a popup to be shown using a "modal pop-up".  This enhancement is a reaction to one of the latest trends with Internet pages.  With the modal pop-up, the main form in the background is darkened to focus the user on the modal window.


Linked Records Enhancement


Show Records in Linked Table" questions can now link to an Address Question.  This means that you can now link to all records in another form with the same address as your record.  Due to the special nature of the Address Question, this was formerly not available.  It is now!.

This News Release is intended to inform our client communities about the latest improvements to SimpliCITY software.  We hope you find these enhancements will improve your tools.  I am especially excited about the new Sections capability in PeopleForms 6.7.  With Sections, you will be able to shorten your forms considerably.  We used Sections in our development of Building Permits for the Town of Weston (to be presented in our next news release), and a four-page form became a single page form! 

As always, our goal is to enable all of our communities to do more with our software.



Kevin Flanders