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PeopleForms DPW Work Order/Time Tracking Solution Proves Easy to Use and Saves Time.

The Need

Sudbury's town management wanted the ability to document the time required to provide public works services by division and task. This required a custom work order management system that integrated well enough to enable established foremen and crew leaders to enter data quickly and initiate time records.



The Solution

The town implemented PeopleForms to track work orders, including special projects, division tasks, and employee lists. Based on design meetings held with foremen and crew leaders, the system was designed to require less than 10-15 minutes per day of data entry per foremen. A PeopleForms Dashboard provides each foreman with a quick overview of active work orders and provides a simple means of data entry at the end of each day. Because the overall goal was to document time, work orders were built with the ability to create time records (also managed in PeopleForms).



The Result

The Sudbury DPW documented over 400 work orders in the first two months across four divisions. This early success is attributed to the high level of participation by the staff as well as the overall ease-of-use of the system. Field computers are now planned for the spring of 2011 to bring these tools into the field for continued program expansion and department benefit.

"The work order management system has given us the ability to quantify the work that is being done by the Department of Public Works. Our DPW Director can now easily determine man hours expended for projects, status of ongoing work, and the percentage of time spent on task categories. The Director can also review and quantify work completed within the fiscal year by division."  


- Mark Thompson, Technology Administrator, Town of Sudbury


Here's what another customer told  us about choosing PeopleForms for work order management...


"Bellingham chose PeopleGIS because PeopleForms gave us a system that

was easy to use at a cost well below other vendors. It is flexible so

that we can customize and modify the forms to our needs while also being

easy to use with a very short learning curve."


- Donald DiMartino, Department of Public Works Director, Town of Bellingham




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Kevin Flanders