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NourishMe is a food market with eggs,  produce and tasty, healthy, raw milk. All Idaho and all organic.




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Ultimately,  the [consumption of sugar] "is a public health crisis. And when it's a public health crisis, you have to do big things and you have to do them across the board. Tobacco and alcohol are perfect examples. We have made a conscious choice that we're not going to get rid of them, but we are going to limit their consumption. I think sugar belongs in this exact same wastebasket."




--Dr. Robert Lustig 


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OCTOBER  2013  


Let's Talk About...   


The Immune System


Before sugar became widely known, our ancestors ate honey, dates and other sweet foods, which they also used as sweeteners. Sugar cane arrived gradually in  Europe after the Crusades in the 11th century.   


Process sugar was known as "white gold." Wealthy people actually stored sugar as a form of savings. Processing remained costly. The wealthy class, who considered obesity to be a sign of wealth, began to show signs and symptoms of diabetes, depression and schizophrenia that according to some doctors of the day could be related to sugar consumption. (see this Dr. Mercola article for more information on this.)   


By 1662, consumption of sugar in England had risen from near zero to 16 millions pounds, according to Sugar Blues by William Duffy (1975). Three years later the plague hit London, and in September of 1665, 30,000 people had died. Those living in the English countryside, where sugar was not readily available, seemed to escape the plague.


The immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to defend the body against attacks by "foreign" invaders. And our immune system does a remarkable job of defending us against bad microorganisms that can cause diseases. But when a germ invades successfully it will make us ill. To function well, the immune system needs balance and harmony.


In order to support the liver we have to be sure it's able to detoxify as effectively as possible. Just as with a garden, or a home, the soil, and the foundation count. The immune system needs to be a good healthy environment for the cells to thrive.


There are many things we can do to keep our immune system operating at an optimum level such as eating healthy organic foods, and taking mushrooms (reishi, shitake, cordyceps), monolaurin, oregano leaf and andrographis supplements.  


But just as important are the things we should not do. Simply put, consuming too much sugar suppresses the very immune system cells that are responsible for attacking bad bacteria.  


With Halloween soon upon us, NourishMe has some ideas to help handle the overload of sugar to which you and your children might be exposed. Remember, until the late 1940s kids ringing a stranger's doorbell were more likely to receive coins, nuts, fruit, cookies, cakes, and or even toys.  



We carry many treats for the holidays: ginger chews, bags of nuts, organic pops, xylitol gum and mints, cacoa, hemp hearts, tasty bars, macaroons and honey sticks. These might seem out of the ordinary, but if you choose not to poison your neighbor's children these are acceptable, and parents are appreciative.  


 If however, the the candy thing is just too traditional and tempting, how about employing the Switch Witch maneuver? The way this works is that when you child returns after trick-or-treating with friends, they put their bag of candy at the end of the bed. The switch witch sneaks in and- like the tooth fairy -switches the bag for a present. Then, Switch Witch throw away the candy! No cheating.  


Another alternative is that you let your child take out a handful of favorite pieces then the rest of the bag goes away. On a space ship. For good.  


When considering what might look like curmudgeonly behavior think about what sugar does in our bodies.


  • Suppresses the immune system
  • Causes weight gain
  • Leads to insulin resistance
  • Promotes inflammation
  • Contribute to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease-livers process fructose very similarly to the way they process ethanol. Fructose has been called "alcohol without the buzz."
  • And acts like a fertilizer for cancer cells. 
  • Has been attributable to mental illnesses.     
'Nuf said!
  To your health!




Julie on the Radio 


NourishMe's Julie Johnson hosts a radio show on Ketchum's community radio station, KDPI 89.3 FM. Her weekly show, Our Health Culture, can be heard live on 89.3 FM or streamed live at KDPIFM, 10-11 a.m. Thursdays.

The show delves into local farming and sustainability, health and nutrition, insight into what drives people to pursue a healthier lifestyle, and how we work energetically in those pursuits.  


Oct. 10  Jim Reed, organic farmer and founder of Idaho's Bounty.
Oct. 17  Brenda Powers, fitness trainer at Zenergy.

Oct.  24  Cal Milar, MS, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. and C.H. (NCCAOM)

Oct. 31  Sylvie Dore, Halloween customs 


Check the KDPI twitter account @kdpiradio or Facebook for updates.  


   Store News 


Nutrition consultations are available at NourishMe with Julie Johnson, certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (NTP), and professional member of the Price-Pottenger Nutritional Foundation. Contact her at (208) 928-7604.   


Julie will conduct a class on Boosting the Immune System, 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15 at NourishMe. Sign up at the shop or call 928-7604. 

Sylvie Dore will teach two classes in October at NourishMe.  
Learn to Make Cultured Condiments
Thursday, Oct. 17  5:30 - 7 p.m.
Learn to make  flavorful and inexpensive condiments. Rich in probiotics and digestive enzymes, lacto-fermented chutneys, relishes, salsas and ketchups offer an additional way to incorporate healthy and fresh cultured foods into your diet. Cultured foods last for months, appeal to kids, and help heat the body during the winter. Participants will take a jar home.

 Homemade Cold & Flu Remedies
Thursday, Oct. 24, 5:30 - 7 p.m.
Learn to craft herbal remedies for cough, sore throat, fevers, and to prevent and treat more serious infections. Sylvie will show how to harvest local plants with which to make cough syrup, a soothing throat spray and a virus-fighting tincture. Participants will receive a bottle of a locally-made ColdCare herbal extract to take home (retail value $15).   


To sign up please email Sylvie.  


The local chapter of Weston A Price Foundation will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17 at the Sawtooth Botanical Garden. For more information Leslie Manookian (208) 726-1088, or Veronica Rheinhart, LAc (208) 450-9026.



Join an open Meditation from 6-7 p.m. Wednesdays at Bitterroot Square, 208 Spruce St, at the corner of Spruce and Second. in Ketchum. For information Diane Crist (208) 720-6652.



Recipe of the month

Autumn always feels like a time for good comfort foods. Relish the harvest with this Quinoa, apple and walnut salad with turkey sausage. 





Waterwheel Gardens' mini Farmer's Market rolls into NourishMe on Thursday.

Trucking in from Emmett, Idaho, farmer Kurtis Williams brings a wide variety of luscious fresh fruit and vegetables, canned produce and other yummy goods.   



idahos bountyIdaho's Bounty is in the store every Wednesday afternoon for member order pick-ups. NourishMe receives its own order of fresh, local farm eggs and dairy, greens and other goodies at the same time.   



  ______duck eggs!________ 


Naturopathic expert to give Wellness Talk  


Sun Valley Wellness InstituteAs part of its ongoing series of wellness programs and events, the  will present "THINK... EAT...MOVE," a simple philosophy for reclaiming optimum wellness and reducing inflammation within our bodies and ultimately, the world, with James Rouse on Saturday, Oct. 26, 10 a.m. - noon, at the Sun Valley Inn in Sun Valley.


The author of nine books, host and founder of Optimum Wellness Media, Rouse is a renowned naturopathic doctor and expert in functional and lifestyle medicine.  


According to Rouse, cancer, depression, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease all have a direct link to inflammation.   


In his presentation, Rouse will teach clinically proven techniques he has used in successfully treating 5000 patients, teaching as a member of the faculty of the Institute of Functional Medicine, and keeping his own life thriving as an Ironman and successful CPG entrepreneur.  


All attendees will receive an anti-inflammatory and thriving "care package" including a 4-week eating and recipe plan, including delicious, nutritious,  goodies.


Rouse was a speaker at the 2013 Sun Valley Wellness Festival.


Tickets are $35 in advance and are available at Chapter One Bookstore in Ketchum and online at Sun Valley Wellness Institute  Tickets will also be sold at the door for $40 if still available.



"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
Julie Johnson / 151 Main St. N. / Ketchum, Idaho 83333 / (208) 928-7604