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"Eating well is about more than just food on a plate-it's a ceremony, a celebration, and an art form. I believe that eating artfully is the easiest way to enhance your day-to-day life. We eat every single day, and if we really stop to savor it, then our world becomes richer. It's that simple. So take a moment to brew a beautiful cup of tea, gather around a table with your friends, enjoy a meaningful meal. Because quality food is sustenance for our spirits as much as our stomachs."
Alisa Barry  of Bella Cucina 

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JUNE 2013  

Divine kitchen staff: Vinny, Keri, Sylvie and Emily +1
Happy Baby Emily!  
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Julie on the Radio 


NourishMe's Julie Johnson hosts a radio show on Ketchum's community radio station, KDPI 89.3 FM. Her weekly show, called Our Health Culture, can be heard live on 89.3 FM or streamed live at KDPIFM, 10-11 a.m. Thursdays.

The show delves into farming and sustainability, health and nutrition.


Tune in to hear Julie and her guests discuss everything from local farming and sustainability to the wise ways of old wives who declared, "Take your cod liver oil." And were right!     


June 6     on hiatus

June 13   Veronica Rheinhart

June 20    Miles Teitge

June 27    Michell Joy Kramer  

Raw milk cheese

Let's Talk About...   


Raw Milk

Controversial though it may be to many, raw milk  is what our fore-bearers drank regularly. They had fewer -- if any -- allergies, and grew strong and healthy. However, raw milk is not all the same. In fact, like it's meat, the cow's diet is the most important factor in the nutritional-value of milk.

Ideally, raw milk should come from cows that are clean, well-cared for, and fed only fresh, organic, green grass. Clean raw milk is chock full of healthy amino acids and beneficial enzymes.

Grain-fed cows -- an unnatural diet for them to begin with -- produce a starchy milk that isn't easily digestible for humans. And barely for cows themselves.

Studies have shown that over-feeding starchy grains can affect the acidity of the cow's stomach environment and change fat and nutrient levels. (References).  


As for pasteurized milk, the process kills beneficial bacteria and enzymes, diminishes vitamin content, and promotes pathogens.


  1. Drinking raw milk can increase beneficial enzymes in your gut.
  2. Make smoothies. 
  3. Do a Milk Fast. 
  4. Make Mozzarella cheese.
  5. Make custard.
  6. Make cottage cheese.
  7. Make pasture butter 


When milk sours:   

  1. Make curds and whey. Use whey in smoothies, curds for baking.
  2. Make cakes and other baked goods. Substitute for buttermilk.
  3. Soak grains.
  4. Make kefir and yogurt.
  5. Pour diluted soured milk into vegetable garden.
  6. Marinate meats, game, fish and poultry.
  7. Use it to feed chickens and see increase in egg production.
  8. Feed any pets, or farm animals.
  9. Make a mask with French green clay.
  10. Mix with water and use as a foliage spray on your fruit trees after sun has gone. down, since sunlight kills the bacterium.
  11. Use as armpit deodorant.
  12. Anti-bacterial for women's yeast. infections.
  13. Make ice cream.
  14. Make scrambled eggs and omelets.  
  15. Waffles, pancakes, crepes with sour milk.
  16. Use to fight pink eye.
  17. Make cheese sauces.
  18. Use on skin dry patches.
  19. Cooling relief for sunburn.
  20. Make Indian Desert Mawa.    

Clabber is a food produced by allowing unpasteurized milk to turn sour at a specific humidity and temperature. Over time, the milk thickens or curdles into a yogurt-like substance with a strong, sour flavor.

Thanks for many ideas from  The Healthy Home Economist.






idahos bountyIdaho's Bounty is in the store every Wednesday afternoon for member order pick-ups. NourishMe receives its own order of fresh, local farm eggs and dairy, greens and other goodies at the same time.   


Waterwheel Gardens' mini Farmer's Market continues to roll in on Thursdays at NourishMe.

applesTrucking in from Emmett, Idaho, farmer Kurtis Williams brings a wide variety of luscious fresh fruit and vegetables, canned produce and other yummy goods. 



Click here for this month's featured  recipe:

Bone Marrow Omelet with  Tarragon & Sheep's Milk Cheese.





Welcome to the world Owen. May it be green, clean and full of good food!



"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
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