Announcing The National Summit 
on the
Transformative Capacity of Africa Diaspora 
 The Africa Union Diaspora Legacy Program
Alongside the US-Africa Summit
August 4 -5,  2014

With the Launching of the African Union Diaspora Post

Introspective.  Insightful.  Inspire
A Digital Online Magazine with Special Edition Print Copies
Monday August, 4, 2014: 8:30am to 4:00pm
Silver Spring Civic Building and One Veteran Plaza 
Downtown Silver Spring in Montgomery County, Maryland
Africa Union Diaspora Legacy Projects: 
Plenary Session and Workshops

Luncheon Conversation on the US-Africa Summit

To participate in the Legacy Project Workshops, which include the Buffet Luncheon, reservation is required at $35 per person
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Vital and Vibrant Africa Showcase
Free to the Public

7:30pm to 1:30am
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Bethesda, Maryland

African Union Diaspora  Legacy Banquet Gala, Music Concert and Awards
All-Africa Magnificence 
To attend, reservation is required. $125 per person
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Engineering justice and equity through public service, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has been the Conscience of the Congress,  shining light on the needs of the disenfranchised, championing Africa's development in the United States Congress, and upholding common core values that transcend  race and place.



Affectionately called  "Mr. Africa" in acknowledgment of his unwavering  interest in all developments pertaining to Africa in the United States Congress, the late Congressman Donald Payne Sr. from New Jersey served for 24 years in the US Congress, becoming the Chair and Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, and Human Rights. The Congressional Black Caucus relied on  Congressman Payne as the point man for Africa. His keen knowledge, convictions, ties and  interest in putting Africa's agenda on the table are remarkable embodiment of Africa's Champion on the Hill. 



Honoring Denise Rolark Barnes


Society is enriched by the pioneering individual who dares beyond the familiar to enlighten on what is missing..  Blending the virtues of media responsibility,  civc values, and the gift of the heart,  Mrs. Denise Rolark Barnes brings Africa and her heritage  to the World through the untold story. She is the Publisher of the Washington Informer that serves the African American readership in the Washington Metropolitan Area and builds bridges   across racial, social, economic and geographic barriers through informed understanding. Mrs. Rolark Barnes stands as an invaluable example of the power of possibility to  improve communities through  shared knowledge in our increasingly interconnected global  society




They served, they returned,  but never left Africa.  These are men and women of all races who maintain their connection to the Continent of Africa as former Peace Corps volunteers, which began in 1961 under President John F. Kennedy.  Organized as Friends of the Country in which they served,  they undertook ground-breaking developments in an adventure of  opportunities to make a real difference in the communities while culturally immersed in the traditions. The non-partisan organizations foster friendship, goodwill and understanding between the people of the United States and Africa through the links in the countries they served. The associations, based of their response to needs, provide education, socioeconomic, cultural exchange services to the respective countries.


Celebrating the  Enduring Vision of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah
Ghana's  first President, Statesman, and the foremost exponent of African unity and Pan-Africanism, the late Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah will be celebrated for the "The Conviction of Vision."  The Pan-African movement inspired pre-independent leaders in  Africa to collaboratively  champion the cause of freedom and independence on the Continent and continues to inspire today's generation to promote African unity for a stronger, self-reliant, peaceful and prosperous Africa.  Among many honors and conferences to study his ideas and influence on  world stage, Dr. Nkrumah was voted  Africa's Man of the Millennium by BBC listeners in Africa in 1999. The United Nations awarded him a posthumous  gold medal  during a Committee session in 1978.

Tuesday August 5, 2014:  
7:00am  - 9:00 am

Keeping it Alive: Solidarity with Nigerian Government 
and African Union Efforts
Run 2 Rescue to Bring Back Our Girls
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11:30 am to 2:00 pm 
Interfaith Prayer Lunch
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The Southern African Community (SADC Region) Representatives  at the March 29, 2014 Africa Union Diaspora Project Forum

6:00pm to  9:00pm
Africa Diaspora Partnership and Collaboration Roundtable
For AU Diaspora Legacy Project Workshop and Gala attendees.


African Union: English  French   Arabic

New African Union Flag
African  Union  & Anthem Lyrics

"Africa is here. Africa is rising. Africa is happening, and no one will stop us because we have what it takes to make it work. 
By hosting the summit, Zuma said, the leaders had asserted their "shared descendency; our shared vision; our shared history; our shared experience, and our shared commitment to overcome the challenges faced by our people on the African continent.
Whilst this project must inspire us, its outcomes are a clear demonstration that even though we are situated in different parts of the world, nothing must prevent us from working towards a common goal - that of creating a better life for the people of Africa and the diaspora."

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa. May 25, 2012


August Action alongside US-Africa Summit


The Best of Teams Working with 
to give you an authentic African Renaissance Nite at the African Union Diaspora Legacy Gala and Awards.
The Cuisine from Motherland.
Learn more on how African ethnic food is influencing global taste 
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The Intergovernmental Regions of the African Union

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Slide Presentation.  ECOWAS - Harnessing Diaspora Initiatives for Subregional Development:

Press: 2nd ECOWAS Diaspora Conference: Click

3rd ECOWAS Diaspora Conference scheduled in July 2014
ECOWAS Citizens: Free Movement of People and Goods on the Agenda

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Dr. Dlamini Nkosazana-Zuma
Chair of the African Union Commission

In 2012, in South Africa, the African Union adopted what is known as the African Union Diaspora Legacy Projects.

President Mohamed Ould Aziz of Mauritania, Current Chairman of the African Union

The Five Africa Union Diaspora Projects provide opportunities for the Africa Diaspora to be engaged and acknowledged as a vital sector in Africa's self-reliant growth. 

On the occasion of the historic US-Africa Summit on August 5-6, 2014,  the African Union, through its Citizen and Diaspora Organizations department, requested a program with the Diaspora alongside the US-Africa Summit.
The mutual working relationship between the African governments and the Diaspora will facilitate the ability to identify, prioritize, and utilize available skills and resources from the Diaspora in building a prosperous and peaceful Africa. The Projects are:
African Diaspora Skills Database


Africa Diaspora Development Market  for African Development


African Institute for Remittances


African Diaspora Investment Fund 


African Diaspora Volunteer Corps



To get more details on each Project and to register for the African Union Diaspora Legacy Project Plenary Session and Workshop on August 4, 2014, from 8:30am to 3:30pm:  Click on: GET DETAILS 

The August 4th Program is informed by Organizing  and Feed-back, African Union Diaspora Task Team 2011-2012 programs, Community-Based Participatory Research and partnership with Africa Diaspora Sixth Region groups.
Monday August 4: 10am-4:00pm

Vital and Vibrant Africa: A Showcase

Africa's diverse and unique resources, from Algeria to Zimbabwe, showcase Africa of socioeconomic opportunities, touristic destinations, educational excellence, civilizations, cultural enrichment, and global partnerships.

In this enlightening and innovative exposition, you will interact and learn from each national exhibition the vibrancy and vitality of Africa in the global society and the resilience her people.

The African Union Diaspora Legacy Banquet Gala, Music Concert and Awards
Monday August 4,  2014: 7:30pm.

 The Essence of  Empowerment
For more information on the thrilling features and reservation in this authentic and enthralling Gala Banquet with Africa on the Runway, Musical Performance by African Talents, Youth Presentation: READ More


Botlhale's winning performance on SA's Got Talent
Watch the Stunning Performance: Africa My Pride
 By Botlhale, Winner of South Africa's Got Talent

(My Love & Pride) The Africa They Never Show You.
(My Love & Pride) The Africa They Never Show You.

The Africa they never show you on tv.flv
The Africa the Media does not talk about
Thought Leaders Video - Doing Business in Africa
Thought Leaders Video - Doing Business in Africa

Stay tuned for the Power of Africa Diaspora  and join the conversation.

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