Important Information About Neighborhood Council Elections.

Your Election News and Updates
How to Find Your Election Results

Finding out what happened is the most exciting part of an election! Here's a short tutorial on how to find your Neighborhood Council's Election results. 
Congratulations, You Got Elected! Now What?

Learn what comes next for newly elected Neighborhood Council Board Members.

This Week's Pop-Up Polls 
For the week of May 18-24, our mobile voting stations come to Glassell Park, LA-32, Lincoln Heights, Palms, Porter Ranch, South Robertson and other councils in Region 9 and 10. Click through to see locations and times.

Outreach Best Practices: Election Essentials To Share With Your Stakeholders

Increase voter turnout by giving your stakeholders clear, simple, and complete information about your upcoming Election. 
Creating Short Links: How to Shorten a URL

Long links eat up valuable space on printed flyers or in Twitter tweets. They're also hard to remember if someone has to manually enter a URL they see in print or in a caption on a social...

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