Important Information About Neighborhood Council Elections.

Your Election News and Updates
This Week's Pop-Up Polls

See the locations for this week's pop-up polls, where voters can register and cast their votes on the spot for online voting Neighborhood Councils.

Outreach Best Practices: Promo Video Idea From Canoga Park NC

Bus bench videos like those made by Canoga Park Neighborhood Council are a great no-cost way to use promo material you already have to engage stakeholders and promote your upcoming elections.

How Digital Polling Places Work on Election Day
Online voting is brand new for Los Angeles voters! Let your stakeholders and volunteers know what to expect at digital polling places on Election Day.

Introduce Candidates at Your Next Board Meeting

Invite candidates to your next Board Meeting so they can introduce themselves and get a taste of what a Board Meeting is like. Here's what to do.
Electioneering & Nextdoor

Learn how Nextdoor may - and may not - be used to promote candidates.

Do's and Don'ts: Candidates & Board Members at the Polls

Board Members and Candidates make excellent election volunteers, because they have so much passion for their neighborhood. 
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