Important Information About Neighborhood Council Elections.

Your Election News and Updates

To help Poll Workers get ready for the upcoming Neighborhood Council elections, we've created a new webpage just for Poll Workers.

How-To: Order Pole Banners

Similar to bus benches and bus shelters, pole banners are a great way to do outreach for your upcoming elections...

Scavenger Hunt Is Still On

About a month ago, we asked Neighborhood Council folks to find election bus benches, bus shelters, and street light poles that are being advertised throughout the city.
Make your lawn pop!

Lawn signs are an easy way to attract voters and candidates (regions 8-12) for the upcoming Neighborhood Council elections.

Location, Location, Location

Location is everything for the 2016 Neighborhood Council Elections. As a Neighborhood Council Board, you are responsible for the following three steps...

Election Budgets and Expedited Election Expenses (E3)

In order to ensure elections are a success, the Department will provide expedited funding for election expenses only...

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