Important Information About Neighborhood Council Elections.

Your Election News and Updates

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti kicks off the 2016 Neighborhood Council elections, calling on Angelenos..

Make sure your Board Member email signature has the right elections URL links and graphics.

Work with Your Regional Branch Library 

Your regional branch library is the perfect partner in connecting with your stakeholders during this Election process.

5 Ideas to Use at Board Meetings to Help Raise Candidate and Voter Activation

Every Neighborhood Council board meeting is an opportunity to attract potential candidates and empower people to vote...

0-40 Klout in 40 days

Learn how to boost your social media presence in less than 40 days!

Get On The Bus!

Bus Bench ads are a great way to attract voters, candidates, and volunteers for 2016 Elections. Neighborhood Councils have the opportunity to place election information on available bus benches.
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