Important Information About Neighborhood Council Elections.

Your Weekly Election News and Updates

EmpowerLA has created a unique Election webpage for each Neighborhood Council. These webpages offer important information and links pertinent to running a successful election season. 

Online Voting is about ease and convenience. The 35 Neighborhood Councils who are participating in Online Voting will provide their stakeholders added benefits with this new form of voting. 

NationBuilder and Nextdoor

EmpowerLA's Leadership Academy is coming to your neighborhood in January with workshops that focus on NationBuilder and Nextdoor.
It's About Who You Know

Are you making your list and checking it twice? We aren't talking about your holiday gift list. Rather, each Neighborhood Council President or Chair should create their elected leaders' contact list. 

Top 5 Guidelines Every Election Chair Must Know

The Election Chair will be busy mastering the details of their Neighborhood Council election. There are several documents, manuals, and guidelines each Neighborhood Council Election Chair should know so that their election is held with transparency, fairness, and legitimacy.
9 Fast Outreach Tactics to Do Today

We know it's busy this time of year, so the Elections Team has provided a quick list of fast outreach strategies to promote your Neighborhood Council elections, online voter registration, and candidate registration.
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