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Congratulations to Neighborhood Councils as they hit 241 Community Impact Statements (CIS) filed this fiscal year! We've now passed not only this year's goal of 200 filed, but have actually achieved next fiscal year's goal of 240 already. Thank you so much for taking the time to weigh in on important Council Files to your community!


BIG thanks as well to the VANC and LANCC for taking on reviewing relevant Council Files as part of their monthly meetings so that their members can take them back to their Neighborhood Councils for action. Much appreciation to Northridge East Neighborhood Council President Glenn Bailey for keeping Neighborhood Councils informed on the current Council Files. Here were his picks from the VANC meeting last night:

  • CF 15-0524 - Council President Herb Wesson's motion on improvements to the Neighborhood Council System.
  • CF 15-0389 - Neighborhood Councils' presentation time addressing City Council, Commissions or Boards
  • CF 15-0719 Mobility Plan 2035
  • CF 15-0727 Homeless Community access to basic necessities
  • CF 14-1635-S2 Short term rentals ordinance preparation

If you need assistance with filing your CIS, please contact the Neighborhood Council Support Helpline at or by calling (213) 978-1551.


It was a bittersweet day yesterday when we bid farewell to our colleague, Taneda Larios, who is leaving her 14 years at the department for the City Clerk's Office. We were sad to see her go after all of her amazing work with Neighborhood Councils, but happy that she left on a promotional opportunity to work with the community still. I have personally learned so much from Taneda and always admired her dedication, passion and devotion to the Neighborhood Council system. We wish her well and look forward to opportunities to collaborate with her still in her new position.


Don't forget that PlanCheck NC meets tomorrow. Also, Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council is having a great health fair, too!


As always, thanks for all that you do to Empower LA! Have a wonderful weekend!





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General Manager
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