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This year already seems to be racing past as the days are blurring together. We held another 2016 Neighborhood Council Election Town Hall last Saturday where we continued to talk about the online voting option as well as suggested changes to the Election Manual, such as all newly elected board members taking office on July 1, 2016 instead of within 30 days of the election results. I'll be doing an online voting presentation at the LANCC meeting this Saturday, which we will live stream, and we'll continue our 2016 Neighborhood Council Election Town Hall after the LANCC. In addition, we'll be doing an online voting webinar for folks who've not been able to make it to the town halls to get the details on Wednesday, March 11th from 6pm - 7pm. Please click hereto register.


I was very happy to participate in the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates first radio show last Sunday with Controller Ron Galperin on KRLA AM 870. It's a great platform to inform more Angelenos not only about the City budget, but also the Neighborhood Council system. You can see it here. This Sunday from 6pm - 7pm, they'll be welcoming special guest host, Kevin James, the President of the Los Angeles Board of Public Works. The Budget Advocates also met with Mayor Eric Garcetti and Deputy Mayor Rick Cole on Monday to present their  white paper. They had a great conversation with the Mayor, who ended the meeting by saying a world class city like LA is one that among other things, "empowers its people." An extraordinary amount of work went into the white paper so many thanks to the Budget Advocates for continuing to raise the bar!



I'm so pleased to share that Neighborhood Councils have now filed 143 Community Impact Statements (CIS). Thank you to those Neighborhood Councils who are filing CISs. The goal is 200 this fiscal year so we are nearly there. Every Neighborhood Council should have on their agenda each month at least 1 CIS that is affecting their community. Check out the CIS section of our new website for lists of which CISs Neighborhood Councils are weighing in, how many CISs each Neighborhood Council has filed and how to file CISs. Please contact if your Neighborhood Council needs help creating a CIS.


Just a reminder to select your Neighborhood Council's Civic University participants this month. Once they are selected, please have them register here. Also, the VANC's famous annual mixer is next Thursday, March 12th, at CBS Studios.


If I don't see you at the LANCC or Election Town Hall tomorrow, have an excellent weekend!





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Mayor's Message

Mayor Garcetti Announces New Public Safety App


Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced the LAFD's deployment of PulsePoint, a free mobile app that registers people trained in CPR who get alerted when someone nearby needs help, potentially dramatically reducing the time when CPR begins and saving lives when seconds coun


                   >>> read more

Watch the NC Budget Advocates first Radio show!

The City of Los Angeles Budget Advocates produced their very first Radio Show on March 1, 2015.

The Special Guests included Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin and the General Manager of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Grayce Liu.

Did you miss it? Watch a video of the entire show here:

The Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates have released their 2015 White Paper, the result of meetings with key players from 30 City Departments and Bureaus and Council Members and their staff. In it, the Advocates distill five key action items that will help advance the Mayor's objectives, including rebuilding the confidence of residents and businesses in their elected officials and ensuring the prosperity and sustainability of our city...
Small Business Development Workshop: How to Start a Business

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development, the Los Angeles Public Library, and EmpowerLA present a free workshop on how to start a business Thursday March 26, 2015. Deciding to start a business can be one of the most exhilarating decisions you make in your life. But there are many different elements to consider...


Earthquake Preparedness in Cars

In collaboration with Councilmen Tom LaBonge and Mitchell Englander, this month's Emergency Management Department (EMD) bulletin will discuss steps you can take to prepare yourself if you are in your car when an earthquake occurs. Given the large amount of time that residents of Los Angeles spend in their cars, knowing how to react to an earthquake while driving is essential...


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