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It's been another packed week of work, including entertaining our State Department visitors from Hungary, but the big news this week is that we have selected our vendor to administer the online voting component for the 2016 Neighborhood Council elections: Everyone Counts. We're really excited about the opportunity to work with Everyone Counts! The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners began their review of the Everyone Counts proposal yesterday at a special meeting so you will have the opportunity to weigh in either at their next special meeting, which will hopefully be later on this month, or by sending your comments to Please join us to dive deep into the Everyone Counts proposal at our next 2016 Neighborhood Council Elections Townhall on Saturday, February 21st, from 10 am - 12 pm, location to be determined.


If you haven't had a chance to check out our new beta website yet, please do and tell us what you think by emailing We've already gotten a lot of great feedback. I want to give HUGE thanks to our Director of Outreach and Communications, Stephen Box, and his awesome team, Sevak Paramazian, Jose Galdamez, Arin Abedian and Diana Ionescu, for doing the massive amount of work to get the new site up. Our website has nearly 600 pages and is still growing!


City Council's Education & Neighborhoods Committee will be meeting next Tuesday, February 17th, at 1 pm. They will be looking at some big topics: the potential Neighborhood Council subdivision proposal (Council File #12-1681) from the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners and the draft ordinance to create the Neighborhood Council Grievance Panels (Council File #15-0067).


PlanCheckNC is meeting tomorrow in North Hollywood. Please remember that our offices will be closed on Monday, February 16, 2015, in observance of President's Day. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and weekend!




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Mayor's Message

Mayor Eric Garcetti today signed his business tax cut plan into law and received the endorsement of the influential Los Angeles Business Council for his plan to increase L.A.'s minimum wage.

"Together with the City Council, we are taking a strategic approach to creating jobs and opportunity for Angelenos. Cutting our business tax will entice more businesses to stay, come and hire in L.A., and responsibly raising the minimum wage will inject significant spending into our neighborhood businesses," Mayor Garcetti said. "I'm proud to have the support of the Los Angeles Business Council, which represents such a broad cross-section of L.A. businesses."

"Today, we are taking a significant step...


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LADWP and Partners Offer Free Turf Removal Workshops and Personal Consultations

In order to help more homeowners convert their front yards from grass to Watershed Wise landscapes, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power provided a grant for the Lawn Be Gone project, a collaboration of the LADWP, Selva International, G3 Green Gardens Group, Surfrider Ocean Friendly Gardens, and the Hollywood/Los Angeles Beautification Team. The...


View a list of upcoming Candidate Forums for the March 3 primary election. 

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Email and let us know!

For the past year, the Los Angeles Planning Department's Condition Compliance Unit (CCU) has been developing the Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Program ("MViP"), that combines the use of technology, standardizes the language of conditions to achieve consistent enforcement and establishes fees to enable the department to cover the cost of monitoring and inspections for establishments...

The Department on Disability: Helping You Achieve ADA Compliance

Did you know there's a city department dedicated to ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and improving quality of life for persons with disabilities? Are you taking advantage of the resources and services the Department offers to provide accessibility to all of your Neighborhood Council meetings? The Department on Disability, on behalf of the...


In-Person Early Voting Available at City Clerk Offices

From now until Monday, March 2, 2015 voters may vote by filling out a vote-by-mail (VBM) ballot in person for the 2015 City of Los Angeles Primary Nominating Election at the Office of the City Clerk's Piper Technical Center (Public Counter - Elections), located at 555 Ramirez St., Space 300, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Early....

Many of our Neighborhood Councils have become quite adept at using social media outreach to spread the word about meetings and events, recruit volunteers, and interact with their stakeholders, other NCs, and city officials. Have you connected with EmpowerLA on the various social media platforms? Social media is a powerful way to engage stakeholders who will...

Neighborhood Councils Sway City Council Decision in Greek Theatre Debate

At January's overflowing Arts, Parks, Health, Aging, and River Committee meeting, the Committee heard from the Department of Recreation & Parks, the two companies putting forth proposals, as well as from community members expressing their opinions on the issue of who is offering the best proposal for operating the historic Greek Theatre in Griffith Park....

The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment kicked off Neighborhood Council Election season this past Saturday with an Elections Town Hall that set out to accomplish three things:

  • Review the 2014 Elections to identify the successes that we should work to duplicate
  • Review the 2014 Elections to identify opportunities to improve
  • Discuss Online Voting as an innovation that would complement our current system...

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