City of Los Angeles, Dept. of Neighborhood Empowerment
January 09, 2015

An Important Message from the Funding Division


Greetings and Happy New Year to all Neighborhood Council board members and stakeholders! As many of you know, these past six months have been a period of transition and adjustment to a new system of funding, namely the NC Checking Account System. This has been a challenging time as the Department, Treasurers, Signers, and board members all figure out how to navigate the Union Bank system, the new forms and procedures. The Funding team received ample feedback, both good and bad, regarding the new system and remain committed to finding solutions that will simplify the process, yet ensure that expended funds are being monitored in an accurate and transparent manner.


Thanks to the feedback and constructive comments given by many of you, we are happy to present a new and revised set of forms to navigate the funding process.


  1. Funding Request Form

  2. Board Vote Count Form

  3. Neighborhood Purposes Grant Application

  4. NC Event Approval Form

  5. Monthly Expenditure Report Form

  6. Prior Approval Checklist

The key elements that we wish to convey to you at this time are as follows:


  1. We have reduced the total number of forms required to navigate the funding system.

  2. The Neighborhood Purpose Grant Application has been simplified from a 3 page form to 2 pages. Additional critical updates were made to the information requested, and the new version is a pdf-fillable form.

  3. The MER form was re-done to include auto-calculation fields, and the Cash Analysis section has been simplified and separated from the budget analysis section.

  4. We have completely eliminated the Bank Card Exemption Form, choosing to save a tree, and incorporate this request, as-needed, on the Funding Request Form.

  5. Speaking of the Funding Request Form, thanks to some help from Terrence Gomes and Jay Handal, a Board Vote Count table has been incorporated into this form thereby eliminating the need to submit a separate board vote count form for each funding request. Thanks guys!

  6. A separate and simplified Board Vote Count Form was created to track the votes for MER approvals, budget approvals, and funding officer appointments.

  7. The Event Approval Form is now a pdf-fillable form.

  8. A revised checklist is now available to ensure your funding request packets are complete.

  9. Revision dates are included on all forms so you know you're working with the latest form.

Before we release these forms in their final versions at the end of the month, we wanted to give you all the opportunity to chime in one last time with your comments and concerns for these draft forms. Click on the above forms and try them out. Please email your comments to and let us know what you think.


On a separate note we are pleased to report significant progress in assisting any Neighborhood Councils that are not up to date with their Monthly Expenditure Report submissions. With the combined efforts of the Funding team and select C4C representatives, the number of NCs out of compliance has been reduced by 10% and we are continuing to work with other NCs, expecting additional submissions within the next two weeks.  Please remember that the success of this system is contingent, not only on the most accurate forms and procedures developed by the Department, but also by the participation of the Neighborhood Councils in submitting their forms and reports accurately and timely. Together, we can build positively towards an ideal funding system that gives the Neighborhood Councils freedom to be creative in the use of their funds, while still safeguarding these public monies.







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