November 14, 2014
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General Manager's Update 


I hope this newsletter finds you well. We said a very bittersweet goodbye for now this week to our Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate, Lisette Covarrubias, who is leaving us today to go work with Metro. Lisette has been with the Department for 9 years, and her great work with Neighborhood Councils was evidenced when board members from Park Mesa Heights Community Council came to her Bon Voyage party yesterday at our downtown office to wish her well along with the City Attorney's Office and our staff. The Neighborhood Councils will now have a lovely ally at Metro. We thank Lisette for her service here and hope she has an awesome time there!


The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners held a special meeting on Monday to review our staffing situation. Deputy Mayor of Budget and Innovation, Rick Cole, came and provided helpful information on how the personnel situation works throughout the City, which is causing the delays in filling our vacancies. Jay Handal, Co-Chair of the Budget Advocates, was also there to support our staff. The Commission issued a letter on the matter, which was presented to City Council on Wednesday by Commissioner Lydia Grant. Many Neighborhood Council board members also sent emails in support of the Department. On behalf of our staff, I just want to thank everyone for their support while we sort this out.


Deputy Mayor Cole also stopped by our staff budget retreat on Thursday and spent a good hour with our staff discussing the innovations Mayor Garcetti and his team are bringing to the City. Given his incredibly busy schedule, we were really honored to have him share his insight with us and encourage our staff participation in the process. Many thanks to Deputy Mayor Cole for his inspiring chat with us!



Speaking of inspiring, last night at the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils meeting, Controller Ron Galperin took us through his amazing Control Panel LA . If you haven't had a chance to click through it, please do because it is a treasure trove of information mixed with our Controller's wonderful sense of humor, particularly on some of the interesting things the City spends its money. There's even a section on where all of the Neighborhood Council funding has been spent, too. After that, the VANC also voted to support the department staffing as well so a big thank you to our friends at the VANC!


Just a reminder that on Wednesday next week, we'll be holding our final Funding training of the year at our downtown office before we do our last revamp until July, 2015.


Wishing everyone an excellent weekend!




Grayce Liu,

General Manager

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 


Empower Yourself.

Empower Your Community.

Empower LA.


Mayor Eric Garcetti today highlighted the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's energy efficiency goal of 15% by year 2020-the highest and most ambitious energy efficiency goal by a major municipal utility in the United States. The new goal, adopted by Garcetti's appointees to the Board of Water and Power in August 2014, exceeds the 10-year, 10 percent energy efficiency requirements set...


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Calling illegal dumping a scourge on city neighborhoods, City Attorney Mike Feuer unveiled today a new strike force to end the practice in Los Angeles. "Whether it's toxic waste dumped into a waterway or old furniture cast aside in an alley, illegal dumping blights our neighborhoods and threatens our families' health and safety," said Feuer. "Our new multi-jurisdictional strike force will aggressively...


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LOS ANGELES and BISHOP, CA - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, LA City Attorney Mike Feuer, DWP Commission President Mel Levine and Owens Valley air pollution control representatives Ron Hames, Linda Arcularius and Matt Kingsley announced today that the City of Los Angeles and the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District (Great Basin) have reached an historic agreement over the implementation...


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e.Republic's Center for Digital Government (The Center) today announced the top-ranked cities in the 2014 Digital Cities Survey. In its 14th year, the annual survey is part of the Center's Digital Communities Program, which focuses on collaboration among cities, counties and regions. Open to all U.S. cities, this year's survey questions targeted which initiatives cities were most proud of in...


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The City of Los Angeles is currently in discussions about a plan to repair your sidewalk and who should bear the cost of sidewalk repair. Should it be the City, the property owner or both? The purpose of the ECSWANDC Sidewalk Summit is to bring together local stakeholders with City of Los Angeles officials, nonprofits and private contractors for a discussion of the sidewalk policies that are being...


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In collaboration with Councilmen Tom LaBonge and Mitchell Englander, this month's Emergency Management Department (EMD) bulletin highlights earthquake planning for children. Earthquakes strike fear in the hearts of almost every adult, but can even be more traumatic for children. To reduce the anxiety experienced by children, one of the best practices to implement is preparation. If a child is knowledgeable...


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This Saturday, NoHo's City Councilmember Paul Krekorian and the North Hollywood community will unveil L.A.'s newest-and one of the city's largest-public murals, the "Vintage North Hollywood Mural," a 9,000-square-foot artwork that will cover the Whitsett Slope. The mural brings to fruition years of community planning and collaboration to beautify the slope and honor North Hollywood's...


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Come and join the Boyle Heights Promotor@s and Multicultural Communities for Mobility for a free Bike Ride through Boyle Heights! Facebook event info here. Following up our the Part 1 discussion "Will Bicycle Infrastructure Gentrify My Hood" on October 26th, the Promotor@s and Multicultural Communities for Mobility invite you to take part in Part 2: Bici Paseo in Boyle Heights! During this bike...


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On October 19th, Sherman Oaks celebrated the 24th annual Sherman Oaks Street Fair, the largest event in the San Fernando Valley. Sponsored by the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce, the Street Fair featured over 100 vendors, an outdoor cocktail lounge, carnival rides, kids' activities, and community arts and culture. The day's events included a concert with four classic acts and many celebrity guests...


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Launched this Veterans' Day, VetsGo511 is a new way for veterans and their families to connect to vital resources and find the best ways to get to them. Resources include: Transportation Employment Housing Healthcare Finance Education Community The Los Angeles County Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies (LA SAFE), LA Metro, and the Federal Transit Administration have partnered to bring together...


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