February 28, 2014
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General Manager's Update 


I hope this newsletter finds you well. I'm excited to tell you that our Nation Builder campaign finally launched this week with Mayor Garcetti sending out an email to 80,000 people in Los Angeles to get involved with Neighborhood Councils as a candidate, voter or volunteer. This is the first time that we are doing citywide outreach on this scale so we are working out the kinks with Nation Builder and will soon be giving Neighborhood Councils access to the registered voter database that is part of the campaign (more info below). Our Nextdoor campaign is also growing steadily with over 50 Neighborhood Councils signed up to connect with their neighbors. Nextdoor Los Angeles has over 26,000 registered users and is growing faster than San Francisco, Chicago, New York and San Diego because of the Neighborhood Council involvement so if you haven't activated your Nextdoor accounts, get connected!


Another outreach tool that you may want to try for your community is ABC7 Listens. Here's a sample. I received an email from North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council President Ernie Moscoso last week that his Neighborhood Council, along with Mid-Town North Hollywood and North Hollywood North West Neighborhood Councils organized an event with ABC7 Listens where community members can tell ABC7's top managers what they should cover in their community. When I dropped by, Neighborhood Council leaders along with community folks and even Councilmember Krekorian stood in line patiently to do their pitches. There were many suggestions to feature the great work of Neighborhood Councils more.



I'm also pleased to share that part of our funding and field teams have moved out to our Valley office at Van Nuys City Hall so that they can better support the Neighborhood Councils there. We are also reorganizing our downtown office to create more space for our staff and Neighborhood Council leaders to drop in and work when they are at City Hall. So please stop by and check out the changes, which should be completed by mid-March. If you need a work space, please call ahead so that we can make sure one is ready for you.


There's so much more going on, but I'm off now to our department's budget workshop with the Mayor's Office and CAO today and Region 2 elections in the Valley tomorrow. I'll also be stopping by the LANCC tomorrow as well as to congratulate the Chair, Terrence Gomes, who is also one of our awesome IEAs/C4C/Budget Advocates, for his recognition in City Council today (more below). Be safe this weekend and stay dry!



Grayce Liu,

General Manager

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment


Empower Yourself.

Empower Your Community.

Empower LA.



Dear Friends, I hope this message finds you well. As I prepare to leave on my first foreign trade mission as Mayor, this one to Mexico, I wanted to update you on what I've been working on in the last few weeks and we're going to start doing this regularly. One of the core values of my administration is focusing on how technology can improve the quality of our city services and the quality of our...


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Each year the Controller releases a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report(CAFR) - detailing revenues, expenditures, asserts and liabilities of the City. This year, we are introducing a concurrent Community Financial Report (CFR) - providing a summary, along with easy-to-read charts and graphs, for the community. Transparency and accessibility of information about our City is a major initiative...


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Mayor Garcetti joined hundreds of West L.A. residents in Mar Vista on Wednesday for an open discussion on the L.A. city budget and how we can make Los Angeles a great city. The evening kicked off with Deputy Mayor Rick Cole, who patiently presented the city's current financial situation using analogies to describe the fiscal toll of the economic crisis in Los Angeles. You can't cut the bumper... 


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Terry Gomes and Jon Liberman of the South Robertson Neighborhood Council were honored in City Council along with Trilogy Financial Service's President, Jeff Motske, and Exec V.P. Kevin MacIntosh for putting together a program called Back to Opportunity that provided job skill training for people recently released early from prison through the realignment under AB 109. Back to Opportunity works with...


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Leyla Campos Leyla Campos is currently a Senior Project Coordinator heading part of the field division for the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. Leyla has been with the Department since 2002 and has worked in various geographic areas within the City. Leyla has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and studied Public Administration at Cal State University, Northridge. Leyla is also a graduate...


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The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners' February 24th meeting was the start of what the commissioners expect will be a busy and productive year. After hearing from General Manager Grayce Liu regarding elections, staff changes and budget challenges, they moved on to commission business. The main emphasis of the meeting was on their three ad hoc committees that were formed earlier this month: Outreach...


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Mayor Garcetti inaugurated EmpowerLA's relationship with NationBuilder with an email that went to tens of thousands of Angelenos urging them to get involved with their Neighborhood Council as a Candidate, as a Voter, and as a Volunteer at the polls in the upcoming elections. EmpowerLA has been working for some time to develop a template for Neighborhood Councils so that they can use the NationBuilder... 


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We don't know anyone who doesn't like a good egg hunt. If you live near Shadow Ranch, we've got a great one for you. See below for information from West Hills Neighborhood Council and check out the flyer here. Please save the date for our 7th Annual Safety & Health Fair on Saturday, April 19 from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at Shadow Ranch Park in West Hills, CA. Last year, thousands of people...


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Your friendly Public Advocate reminds you that the Community Planning forums for  Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles, re:code LA, and Mobility Plan 2035 are coming up soon! Make sure you mark your calendar to give your input at one of the upcoming sessions on these huge projects that are guaranteed to affect all residents of Los Angeles. Check out the flyer for all the information on dates, times...


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In an attempt to make Los Angeles more competitive with neighboring municipalities, Mayor Eric Garcetti will propose phasing out the city's business tax as part of his first budget. It is the first sweeping initiative for Garcetti, who has made attracting and preserving jobs a key priority since taking office six months ago. That could happen if the tax is eliminated, proponents say. Garcetti's...


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With a major storm front moving into Los Angeles this week, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) stands ready to respond to rain-related electrical problems that may occur, and reminds Angelenos to use caution around downed power lines, which may be live wires and potentially fatal. During storms, power poles and lines can be knocked down by tree limbs, palm fronds or other debris...


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Council File 13-1357-S3 This week, Councilman Bernard Parks introduced a motion on seismic retrofitting of rental units. Instead of splitting the costs 50/50 with tenants he motioned to change the City ordinance so that tenants become responsible for 100 percent of their seismic retrofiitting costs. Right now the city is discussing the retrofitting of all soft-story and wood-frame buildings built...


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Join Angelenos beneath Chinese lanterns in the vibrance of Downtown L.A. for the 13th Annual Los Angeles Lantern Festival. The event marks the closing of the Lunar New Year festivities with community booths, live entertainment, music, arts & crafts, food trucks and a beer garden. A hugely popular Chinese festival around the world, Lantern Festival occurs annually on the fifteenth day of the first...


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13-1685 Information and Communication Network / Neighborhood Council and Public Use / Creation and Maintenance

Scheduled in Education and Neighborhoods Committee  2/18


11-1017-S1 Investigate Allegations of Discrimination and Harassment; Training of NC Board Members

11/19  Education and Neighborhoods Committee  continued to date TBD  


12-1682-S1 New Neighborhood Council Stakeholder Definition

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11/19 Education and Neighborhoods Committee continued to date TBD

11/19 Education and
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11-1018  Neighborhood Council Grievance Policy and Process
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13-1152-S1 Hydraulic Fracturing / Fracking / Prohibition of Well Stimulation Activities

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13-1374 Prohibit growth of genetically modified crops within City

Referred to Arts, Parks, Health, Aging, and River

Committee 12/3 


13-1513 Increase Number of Cats Allowed Per Residence From Three To Five 

11/19 Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee

continued to date TBD 


13-0025-S1 Rewards for Hit-and-Run Crimes 

Referred to Budget and Finance; 2/14 Public Safety Committee continued for 60 days  

2/12 City Council  adopted Planning and Land Use Management Committee report as amended for Planning and Animal Services to report back to PLUM in 60 days

08-2020 Sign Ordinance Revision
Proposed ordinance pending in Planning and Land Use Committee; 10/17 Planning Director's and City Attorney's reports received 

13-0046 Consolidation of Planning and Building and Safety Departments, etc.    

Approved by City Council 5/29; Motion to delay consolidation introduced 9/13; Approved by City Council 11/6; Planning and Land Use Committee approved as amended 12/3; 12/11 City Council approved; Mayor approved 12/17 

13-1300-S1  Street Repair and Safety General Obligation Bond Program 

 24 recommendations approved by City Council 8/21; CLA and CAO report approved by Council 9/17; Mayor signed 9/27 


13-0953 Citywide Municipal WiFi Initiative

Approved as amended by City Council 11/5


 13-0941  Sidewalk Repair Adjoining Property Owner  Fee Elimination  

 Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee approved as amended 12/4; Budget and Finance Committee approved 2/10; Scheduled in City Council 2/18  


13-0909  DWP Unlimited
Sick Pay Policy

Referred to Energy and Environment Committee  7/26

09-2645 - Cell Tower (AGF) Regulations in Public
Right of Way

Approved as amended by  Planning and Land Use and Public Works and Gang Reduction Committees 10/8; City Attorney requested to prepare ordinance


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