November 1, 2013
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General Manager's Update 


I hope this newsletter finds you well and recovered from any Halloween candy comas. Saturday's Neighborhood Council Budget Day was a packed house in the Public Works Boardroom where we were welcomed by Board of Public Works Commission President Kevin James, a great friend to Neighborhood Councils. Mayor Garcetti and his budget team, led by Deputy Mayor of Budget and Innovation, Rick Cole, demonstrated the strengths of performance budgeting. Controller Ron Galperin gave us a glimpse of his awesome new  Control Panel, which tracks how the City uses its funds, while Assistant CAO Ben Ceja showed us the state of the City budget where we are still looking at a $150-$250 million deficit next year. There's more info on the day below. I really want to appreciate our City family members who made the day successful, particularly the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates and our staff with point person, Joe Hari, our Policy Director. 



I was sad to learn that former Director of Street Services, Bill Robertson, passed away this week. I heard great stories of how he was an amazing person and collaborator with Neighborhood Councils before his retirement. Learn more about his legacy below.


Neighborhood Council work continues tomorrow at the LANCC meeting, which will be followed by our EmpowerLA Leadership Academy Workshop on Connectivity. If I don't see you there, have a relaxing weekend! 




Grayce Liu,

General Manager

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment  


Empower Yourself.

Empower Your Community.

Empower LA.



Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced Department of Transportation General Manager Jaime de la Vega will be resigning December 1. He also announced that Jon Kirk Mukri, General Manager of Recreation and Parks, will serve as Interim General Manager at DOT until a permanent GM is appointed...


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The City of Los Angeles lost a good friend this past week when former Director of the Bureau of Street Services Bill Robertson died suddenly of a massive heart attack at the age of 64. Bill was a great friend to Neighborhood Councils and even after he had retired from his post with the City of Los Angeles, he turned up at "The Rally in the Valley" to encourage stakeholders to get involved with their Neighborhood Councils as candidates in the Board elections and even went so far as to...


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Neighborhood Council Budget Day, the Semi Annual Meeting of the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates (NCBAs), took place on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at Los Angeles City Hall. During the well attended meeting, Neighborhood Council Budget Representatives heard reports from the Mayor, City Controller, City Inspector General for Revenue, the Assistant C.A.O., the Deputy Mayor for Budget, and many Budget Advocates...

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The Los Angeles Fire Department is developing a new, community-driven strategic plan and is teaming up with EmpowerLA to get the word out to members of the community. The partnership between the two city departments is the first of its kind. EmpowerLA is connecting the LAFD to the people to engage them in the process of charting the organization's future...


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EmpowerLA's Leadership Academy is on the road, featuring a 7 x 7 presentation of Outreach Strategies for Neighborhood Councils that ranges from analog to digital, offering tools and strategies for engaging stakeholders. 7 x 7 is a fast paced presentation of 7 topics with 7 speakers who talk for 7 minutes, all concluding with a simple offer "If this is a strategy that you would like to implement in your Neighborhood Council, simply check it off on the program and we'll work with your area to develop the strategy and implement the tools."...


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LA's Department of Recreation and Parks is looking for feedback from the many neighborhood it serves and they have scheduled a series of Community Meetings to discuss the department's budget, the services it provides, and prospective sources of revenue. LA's City Council directed Rec & Parks (CF13-0807) to engage the community and create an opportunity for input and comments on the restoration of the Department's operations and maintenance budget, beginning in Fiscal Year 2018/2019...


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Neighborhood Council Budget Day


Last Saturday hundreds of engaged citizens rose early, headed to City Hall, and set to the important business of discussing the City Budget. They filled the room to capacity and filed into the hallway for the annual meeting that included Mayor Eric Garcetti, Controller Ron Galperin, and Inspector General Fernando Campos...


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Last week, EmpowerLA unveiled the first stage of NC Viz Data which offered a dynamic infographic with regional funding data. This week, the second stage of NC Viz Data breaks the data down to the Neighborhood Council level. For the purists that prefer their data in spreadsheet format, the same information for the same period is available in a detailed report and in a summary report...


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EmpowerLA's Leadership Academy is on the road, featuring a Captain Scott, LA's new Commander for the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program, the largest CERT program in the country.

Captain Scott (video) is partnering with EmpowerLA in an effort to connect LA's 95 Neighborhood Councils with the many CERT units and the 106 LAFD Stations that are spread across LA...


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One of the most important people in Neighborhood Council elections, in addition to the voters and the candidates and the volunteers, is the Independent Election Administrator who works with the Neighborhood Councils in a region to conduct the board elections, engaging the community and turning out the voters in a powerful demonstration of grassroots democracy... 


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Greetings Neighborhood Council Board Members and stakeholders! Thanks to the addition of several talented staff members, our website ( is introducing some great new features and pages. Please check out the link from the home page titled "NC Viz Data" which displays a visual graph of NC Expenses for Fiscal Year 2014 to date by four of the major budget categories (operations, outreach...

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I hope everyone is well. I would like to remind you about the upcoming Leadership Academy session in Hollywood that will be at the Hollywood Constituent Center on Saturday, November 2, 2013 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The training session on Connectivity will take place after the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) meeting. There are three components to these sessions which are: Emergency...

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The City of Los Angeles has developed the Solid Waste Integrated Resources Plan (SWIRP) a long-range plan for the City's solid waste management needs through 2030. SWIRP identifies the policies, programs and facilities that will be needed to reach the City's goal of 90 percent landfill diversion by 2025...

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13-1300-S1  Street Repair and Safety General Obligation Bond Program 

 24 recommendations approved by City Council 8/21; CLA and CAO report approved by Council 9/17; Mayor signed 9/27       


13-0953 Citywide Municipal WiFi Initiative

Scheduled in City Council 11/5 (new date)


 13-0941  Sidewalk Repair Adjoining Property Owner  Fee Elimination  

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09-2645 - Cell Tower (AGF) Regulations in Public
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 12-0460 - Comprehensive Zoning Code Revision

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 13-0658 - Sidewalk Dining / Storefront Furniture / Temporary Permit Process

Approved by Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee 10/2; Approved as amended by Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee 10/15


11-0923  Regulation of
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Ordinance effective date 10/12/13; related motions referred to Arts, Parks Health, Aging, and River Committee and the Planning and Land Use Management Committee; 10/22 PLUM continued 15-30 days

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