October 25, 2013
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General Manager's Update 


I hope this newsletter finds you well. We had a super EmpowerLA Leadership Academy workshop on connectivity last Saturday where we showed Neighborhood Council Board members how to do great outreach and collaboration at all levels.


We're offering a lot of effective techniques and support for different situations that will not only help you with your elections outreach, but also for just day to day connectivity to your unique stakeholders so make sure you catch one of the remaining five sessions that are coming up fast. Check out this great example of outreach that works for Reseda Neighborhood Council.


The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners continued their review of the Plan Review Committee's recommendations, disagreeing with one the of recommendations to reduce the posting locations from five to one Brown Act compliant location. If you haven't weighed in on the second set of recommendations, please take a moment to do so now and let the Commission know your opinion.



On Wednesday, I was so tickled to see our EmpowerLA Award winners being recognized and honored at City Council. Led by Councilmember Parks, each of the awardees were honored by their own Councilmember before a standing room only crowd. Councilmember Krekorian made it a point to tell everyone in Council Chambers that they should be joining their Neighborhood Council. Much appreciation to the Councilmembers and the Board of Neighborhood Commissions for taking the time to acknowledge the contribution of Neighborhood Councils to LA!


Tomorrow is the Neighborhood Council Budget Day, and Mayor Garcetti and his budget team will be sharing exactly what the new performance metrics budgeting system is and the Neighborhood Council's role in the City budget. I hope to see you there so you can bring this information back to your communities.


Have a great weekend!





Grayce Liu,

General Manager

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment  


Empower Yourself.

Empower Your Community.

Empower LA.



Housing and Community Development Consolidated Plan - As the City continues to rebound from a recession that challenged many Angelenos, we must work collaboratively to maximize every resource at our disposal to transform Los Angeles into a thriving city. My administration is focused on getting back to basics, specifically, promoting good jobs for Angelenos across the City, restoring City services to improve the livability of our neighborhoods, and creating a more sustainable and livable city...


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Controller's new data transparency website, ControlPanelLA, provides the public with unprecedented, user-friendly, one-stop access to LA's financial data Controller Ron Galperin today launched an open data website that reveals details of the City of Los Angeles' revenues and spending - and makes them accessible, searchable and downloadable by the public...


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EmpowerLA's Leadership Academy features a 7 x 7 presentation of Outreach Strategies for Neighborhood Councils that ranges from analog to digital, offering tools and strategies for engaging stakeholders. 7 x 7 is a fast paced presentation of 7 topics with 7 speakers who talk for 7 minutes, all concluding with a simple offer "If this is a strategy that you would like to implement in your Neighborhood Council, simply check it off on the program and we'll work with your area to develop the strategy and implement the tools."...


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At its regularly scheduled fourth Thursday of the month meeting, the Neighborhood Council Alliance of River Communities (ARC) welcomed Colleen Oinuma with the Office of Congressman Adam B. Schiff, 28th District, California.

On the agenda was a discussion on Neighborhood Council elections in Spring 2014 and various other regional issues that many Neighborhood Councils in the ARC area had demonstrated extraordinary leadership on already:...


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Mayor Eric Garcetti set the stage for a new approach to measuring performance and managing data with his performance metrics website which uses hard numbers to show how his administration is doing. City Controller Ron Galperin echoed that commitment to open and transparent governance with his ControlPanelLA website which "throws open the doors to the city's financial data."...


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EmpowerLA's Outreach Booth at the Inauguration Celebration was busy from open to close, connecting with 200 people who stopped by to fill out "I Empower LA..." whiteboards and 600 people who picked up a drawstring backpack as well as Yearbooks and brochures on Neighborhood Council events...


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The impact of the Neighborhood Councils is visible all over Los Angeles. Looking back on a year of Neighborhood Council achievements makes for an impressive list of examples of civic engagement. Ten of these stand-out Neighborhood Councils were celebrated at the annual EmpowerLA Awards in the City Council Chambers on Wednesday...


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This past week, the social media gurus over at @larecycles and @BSSLosAngeles held the first #colasm meetup in @NationBuilder's beautiful downtown digs, pulling off a face2face that saw the infamous @LAFDtalk mixing it up with @MobilityMaven, @LACityPets, @LADWP, @LAPublicLibrary, and @EmpowerLA... 


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Councils to Councils

Some of the most common requests EmpowerLA receives address the boundaries of the 95 Neighborhood Councils and the boundaries of the City Council districts. Some folks want to know what Neighborhood Council district they are in. Others know their Neighborhood Council but want to know who their City Councilmember is. Then there are those who know their City Councilmember but want to know what Neighborhood Councils are within that Council District...

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Four New Harbor Commissioners, Now Three Are Locals


Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the appointment of four new members to the Board of Harbor Commissioners on Tuesday. Of the five members of the Commission, this would bring the number of Commissioners that live or work in the Harbor Area to three. "The Port of Los Angeles is the nation's number one port and is a major economic driver for our local, regional, and national economy," Garcettti said in a statement...


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Northridge West Neighborhood Council was one of the ten NCs to receive an award at Congress of NCs in September. NWNC's Operation Clean Sweep volunteers celebrated three years of cleaning the parkways and sidewalks of their neighborhoods every Thursday. Yes, you read it right: three years of cleaning up the mess every Thursday!...

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NC Budget Day is this weekend, and as you and your Boards look forward to participating in this weekend's event, the Funding Unit staff stays ever focused on your own NC Budget packages. I want to thank you all for working so hard with the Funding Unit to get your completed budget packages in, as well as getting your NC Board Members to comply with the Funding training requirements...

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I hope everyone is doing well. I am happy to report that we kicked off the first training in the "Connectivity" series in the Valley and it was quite successful. We had approximately 60 participants and we received great feedback on the sessions. Those in attendance heard and engaged on Emergency Preparedness with representatives from the Los Angeles Fire Department and NC leaders who...

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Wed, Nov. 6
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Leadership Academy - West Region:
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Wed, Nov. 7
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Sat, Nov. 9
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Leadership Academy - Harbor Region:
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Sat, Nov. 16
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Active Council Files that affect Neighborhood Councils citywide, which your Neighborhood Council may want to weigh in on:


Neighborhood Council System:


11-1017-S1 Investigate Allegations of Discrimination and Harassment; Training of NC Board Members

Heard in Education and Neighborhoods Committee 10/15; continued to 11/19 


12-1682-S1 New Neighborhood Council Stakeholder Definition

Pending in Education and Neighborhoods Committee  

12-1682 - Neighborhood

Report from E&N Committee;
Approved by City Council 10/1; City Attorney to draft ordinance
Report back to Education and Neighborhoods Committee 90 days from 8/20

Ordinance effective 
October 28
Heard in Education and Neighborhoods Committee 10/15; continued to date TBD

11-1018  Neighborhood Council Grievance Policy and Process
Approved as amended by Education and Neighborhoods Committee 10/15; City Attorney to draft ordinance; also referred to Budget and Finance Committee  

 Citywide Issues:



13-1364 Municipal Elections Reform Commission

Approved by City Council 10/22  

 13-0600-S146 First Financial Status Report FY 2013-14

Approved as amended by Council  10/23; last day for Mayor to act 11/4 



13-0025-S1 Rewards for Hit-and-Run Crimes 

Referred to Budget and Finance and Public Safety Committees 

Pending in Planning and Land Use Management Committee

08-2020 Sign Ordinance Revision
Proposed ordinance pending in Planning and Land Use Committee; 10/17 Planning Director's and City Attorney's reports received  

13-0046 Consolidation of Planning and Building and Safety Departments, etc.   

Approved by City Council 5/29; Motion to delay consolidation introduced 9/13; Approved as amended by Planning and Land Use Management Committee 10/8; scheduled in Budget and Finance Committee  10/28   


13-1300-S1  Street Repair and Safety General Obligation Bond Program 

 24 recommendations approved by City Council 8/21; CLA and CAO report approved by Council 9/17; Mayor signed 9/27       


13-0953 Citywide Municipal WiFi Initiative

Scheduled in City Council 11/5 (new date)


 13-0941  Sidewalk Repair Adjoining Property Owner  Fee Elimination  

 Heard in Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee 10/16; continued to date TBD     


13-0909  DWP Unlimited
Sick Pay Policy

Referred to Energy and Environment Committee  7/26


13-0650 Removal of Obstructions in the Street or Sidewalk Penalties 

Approved by Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee 6/12   


09-2645 - Cell Tower (AGF) Regulations in Public
Right of Way

Approved as amended by  Planning and Land Use Committee 10/8 


 12-0460 - Comprehensive Zoning Code Revision

Five year effort underway; updates at recode.la


 13-0658 - Sidewalk Dining / Storefront Furniture / Temporary Permit Process

Approved by Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee 10/2; Approved as amended by Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee 10/15


11-0923  Regulation of
Art Murals

Ordinance effective date 10/12/13; related motions referred to Arts, Parks Health, Aging, and River Committee and the Planning and Land Use Management Committee; 10/22 PLUM continued 15-30 days

11-0262 - State Licensed Facilities/Community Care Facilities

Referred to Ad Hoc Committee on Community Care Facilities on 1/30

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