October 11, 2013
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General Manager's Update 


I hope this newsletter finds you well. Sunday was a fun day with CicLAvia and Team EmpowerLA! I was joined on our ride through the Heart of LA by four Neighborhood Council Presidents: Dan Brin of West Hills, Eli Lipmen of Palms (with his adorable daughter, Lucy), Glenn Bailey of Encino, and Kevin Taylor of Reseda. Wearing either EmpowerLA or our Neighborhood Council t-shirts (I represented my town of NoHo by wearing Mid-Town North Hollywood's shirt), we started at Grand Park in front of City Hall where we bumped into Team Garcetti before traversing to Mariachi Plaza in East LA for some music, then Chinatown to taste fried calamari, over to the African American Firefighter Museum to learn some history before ending at MacArthur Park where I caught the red line back home to NoHo. We chatted Neighborhood Councils with fellow riders and spread some EmpowerLA spirit.



At both the LANCC and the VANC this week, we talked elections. You should have gotten your region's election day assignments to finalize, and the Election Procedures Stipulation Worksheets are available online. Although it may seem like a lot of time before spring of 2014, with the holidays in sight, the elections train will be upon us in a minute so please get your Neighborhood Councils started on elections outreach ASAP. For those of you interested in pursuing online voting, contact us so we can get you set up in our pilot.


Speaking of elections outreach, I want to thank our LADWP Commissioner and VANC Chair, Jill Banks Barad, who opened the door for Neighborhood Council info inserts in LADWP bills. Yay! I've also learned that the new LADWP Commission has invited Ratepayer Advocate, Dr. Fred Pickel, to join them around the horseshoe during their commission meetings. For those of you who don't know, Neighborhood Councils were instrumental in getting our LADWP Ratepayer Advocate position so I'm excited to see Fred's inclusion in the commission meetings.


Lastly, I did get my call from Mayor Garcetti asking me to stay on as the General Manager. I'm very honored that he has given an admitted "Neighborhood Council Geek" the opportunity to continue working to empower our Neighborhood Council system and Los Angeles. Thanks very much to the Neighborhood Council leaders for supporting and inspiring me every day!


Don't forget about the PlanCheckNC meeting tomorrow and the West Valley Neighborhood Councils' Public Safety Fair. Also, Monday, Columbus Day, is a holiday for us. Have a great weekend!   




Grayce Liu,

General Manager

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment  


Empower Yourself.

Empower Your Community.

Empower LA.



On July 1st, I raised my hand to become the 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles. The day was hot and our work was urgent - restoring the faith of Angelenos in City Hall by focusing local government on a "Back to Basics" agenda of change...


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LA's largest public space asset is its street network, 6500 centerline miles of streets that make it the largest municipal street system in the United States. Mayor Garcetti's first Mayoral Directive is the City of Los Angeles Great Streets Initiative which will focus on developing Great Streets that activate the public realm, provide economic revitalization, and support great neighborhoods. Great Streets will support the following six goals... 


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Emergency preparedness is a top priority in the City of Los Angeles, and preparing for an earthquake is an important part of this effort. This is why we will participate in the 2013 Great California ShakeOut. This is the largest organized earthquake drill in the country, and is aimed at raising awareness about what to do when an earthquake strikes, and what we can do to be ready. This year, the Great ShakeOut will take place on October 17, 2013, at 10:17 a.m....


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Each year in March, Neighborhood Council leaders meet with the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles to present their budget findings and recommendations.  But the City Budget journey begins months earlier, with the selection of NC Budget Advocates, enlisting the support of NC Budget Representatives, and continues through the year, engaging the community in working with the Mayor to create the most powerful and effective budget for the City of Los Angeles...


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CicLAvia Is Good For Business


CicLAvia boosted sales for businesses along route, UCLA research shows Businesses along the June 2013 CicLAvia route experienced a 10 percent bump in sales on the day of the event, a new study from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs has found...


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The Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils kicked off election season at their monthly meeting with four regional election caucuses, resulting in confirmed election dates and regional outreach teams. Neighborhood Council elections will be held in March, April, and May of 2014. The department of Neighborhood Empowerment will be partnering with the City Clerk to administer the elections...


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n cities like New York, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, Portland, Paris, London, Tokyo, or Vancouver, bees call urban hives home. Santa Monica and Redondo Beach voted to make urban beekeeping legal. What's all the buzz about? Some folks really enjoy keeping bees on their property. For others, it's more than a hobby. After all, bees are a vital part of our food system...

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A new law promoting community gardens and small farms lets municipalities lower property taxes on plots of three acres or less if owners dedicate them to growing food for at least five years...

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EmpowerLA's newsletter goes out every Friday to 1,712 Neighborhood Council Board Members plus thousands of stakeholders and members of the city family, offering a great opportunity to connect as a city on issues and topics that resonate throughout Los Angeles. If you would like to submit an article for the Newsletter, simply...

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We are looking for eager and interested NC Treasurers to pilot our brand new Google packets which will contain all of the new funding forms that are currently being utilized and some that will be implemented once the checking accounts are opened. If you are a fan of Google docs, or want to see what this interface looks like, please contact Kathleen Quinn (Kathleen.Quinn@lacity.org) or Sevak Paramazian (Sevak.Paramazian@lacity.org) We are hopeful that this interface will make life easier for the NC Treasurers and their boards by providing a "one-stop shop" approach to accessing their funding forms and information...

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We will begin a series of training sessions which will cover election information as well as outreach strategies, tools and best practices. We urge the Election Committee chairs and Outreach Committee chairs to attend these trainings and gather as much information as you can so that you can get "hit the ground running". This election cycle promises to be very fast pace but very exciting as well. In addition to Elections and Outreach, we are also taking the opportunity to offer training on Emergency Preparedness...

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Community Impact Statements


Your Neighborhood Council has an "opportunity to provide input before decisions are made"
at City Hall through the Community Impact Statement process (L.A. City Charter Sec. 907). Is
your Neighborhood Council taking advantage of this opportunity? In September, only eight (8) of
the City's ninety-five (95) Neighborhood Councils submitted Community Impact Statements
on issues ranging from a street repair bond proposal  to the formation of a grievance process for the Neighborhood Council system...


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The purpose of the proposed project is the establishment of a "Cat Program" involving the citywide coordination of actions and activities that will accomplish increased spay/neuter of cats, generally reduce the euthanasia of cats in City of Los Angeles ("City") animal shelters, accommodate the maintenance and improved management of cats in outdoor locations in a manner that minimizes their impacts on environmentally sensitive habitats, support members of the public with an interest in addressing nuisance issues relating to cats, and facilitate public and community education on cat-related issues...


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The City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department (EMD) has been awarded a grant to further its mission of developing emergency community readiness in the City of Los Angeles. EMD will select a Neighborhood Council (NC) to create a customized Neighborhood Emergency Plan using a "whole community" approach. This community plan is for an area within an NC's boundaries, consisting of 25-40 households. The completed Neighborhood Emergency Plan will be practiced during a full-scale exercise using the "neighbor helping neighbor" concept...


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11-1017-S1 Investigate Allegations of Discrimination and Harassment; Training of NC Board Members

Scheduled in Education and Neighborhoods Committee 10/15 


Scheduled in Education and Neighborhoods Committee 10/15


Scheduled in Education and Neighborhoods Committee 10/15  


12-1682-S1 New Neighborhood Council Stakeholder Definition

Pending in Education and Neighborhoods Committee  

12-1682 - Neighborhood

Report from E&N Committee;
Approved by City Council 10/1; City Attorney to draft ordinance
Report back to Education and Neighborhoods Committee 90 days from 8/20

Ordinance effective
October 28
Scheduled in Education and Neighborhoods Committee 10/15

11-1018  Neighborhood Council Grievance Policy and Process
Scheduled in Education and Neighborhoods Committee 10/15

 Citywide Issues:

13-0025-S1 Rewards for Hit-and-Run Crimes

Referred to Budget and Finance and Public Safety Committees 

Pending in Planning and Land Use Management Committee

08-2020 Sign Ordinance Revision
Draft ordinance pending in Planning and Land Use Committee

13-0046 Consolidation of Planning and Building and Safety Departments, etc.   

Approved by City Council 5/29; Motion to delay consolidation introduced 9/13; Approved as amended by Planning and Land Use Management Committee 10/8; pending in Budget and Finance Committee     


13-1300-S1  Street Repair and Safety General Obligation Bond Program 

 24 recommendations approved by City Council 8/21; CLA and CAO report approved by Council 9/17; Mayor signed 9/27      


13-0953 Citywide Municipal WiFi Initiative

Approved as amended by Innovation, Technology and General Services Committee 10/8


 13-0941  Sidewalk Repair Adjoining Property Owner  Fee Elimination  

 Scheduled in Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee 10/16    


13-0909  DWP Unlimited
Sick Pay Policy

Referred to Energy and Environment Committee  7/26


13-0650 Removal of Obstructions in the Street or Sidewalk Penalties 

Approved by Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee 6/12   


09-2645 - Cell Tower (AGF) Regulations in Public
Right of Way

Approved as amended by  Planning and Land Use Committee 10/8 


 12-0460 - Comprehensive Zoning Code Revision

Five year effort underway; updates at recode.la


 13-0658 - Sidewalk Dining / Storefront Furniture / Temporary Permit Process

Approved by Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee 10/2; Scheduled in Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee 10/15   


11-0923  Regulation of
Art Murals

   Ordinance effective date 10/12/13; related motions referred to Arts, Parks Health, Aging, and River Committee and the Planning and Land Use Management Committee 8/28

11-0262 - State Licensed Facilities/Community Care Facilities

Referred to Ad Hoc Committee on Community Care Facilities on 1/30

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