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Emily's Intro...


Another newsletter?  Already?  That's how I know that time is flying by. I swear I just wrote an intro to you, our wonderful SFSF supporters.  Actually it was almost three months ago, back in March. I was wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day. Since then, we've celebrated Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day and the end of the school year. So with summer quickly approaching we turn to the events of summer. Marie turns two on June 13th and Sarah will turn seven on July 7th.  Turning 7 on 7-7. (She thinks that's pretty awesome! And so do we!) We are so excited to celebrate their birthdays. They are both growing and changing more and more each day.

Of course the hardest one to "celebrate" will be Sophie's birthday on July 4th. She should be here celebrating with us and turning ten, with cupcakes and presents. Not a day goes by that we don't think of what our life would be like if she were here. Every now and then Sarah gets on a kick about something that she is really missing out on, not having an older sister. Lately she has been sad saying she really wanted to be able to ride the bus with her sibling. So sad for me to think about what Sarah missed out on. It goes without saying that we would trade anything to have Sophie here with us, but since she is only able to celebrate from above, we plan our Foundation's biggest fundraiser. We commemorate her and the day of her birth, raising funds to provide financial assistance to parents who might be celebrating their child's last birthday this year, and supporting research, so that in the future, no other parent will have to celebrate their child's birthday alone while their child looks on from heaven.

Honestly, we feel it is the least we can do. It's a ton of work that we do not do alone. We are so fortunate to have a great team of volunteers who are working to plan what we think is going to be one of our greatest events. In addition to the races and kids activities, we are having a kids' obstacle course organized by Fit Me Up of Westlake. We think this is a perfect addition to the race, and so fitting as it would be something that Sophie would like if she were here as a ten-year-old. We will have plenty of activities for the younger kids too, along with lots of food, raffles and fun for all ages.

If you are interested in helping from near or far, there are things you can do. First, you can register for the race and set up a fundraising page to send to your friends and family. (Read about the incentives in the race article.) Second, we are seeking raffle items, (big and small), door prizes and items for goody bags. Please contact me if you can help in that aspect. Finally, we are looking for race day volunteers. There is no way this event could happen without the work of all the people who show up early race day morning - no matter the weather - and for them, we are so very grateful. Most jobs only require a little over an hour of your time, and you can still participate in the race! If you visit this link, you can choose your job and time and sign up, and then share it with a friend. We truly appreciate any and all you can do!

We are truly filled with hope for this year's event and for that time when we will once again be able to really celebrate with Sophie. And so I leave you with my thoughts for the day, as I know soon I will be writing another introduction as the kids head back to school. It will seem as though I blinked and the months passed by while I watched with excitement the growth of my two living daughters, and yearn for the day when I can watch my Sophie with the same excitement.


  "They say that time in heaven is compared to 'the blink of an eye' for us on this earth.

   Sometimes it helps me to  think of my child running ahead of me through a beautiful field of wildflowers and butterflies;

   so happy and completely caught up in what she is doing that when she looks behind her, I'll already be there."
                                                                                                                                                           ~Author Unknown

With gratitude and hope,

Emily Quayle

SFSF Board President

Sophie, Sarah, and Marie's Mommy 


Spotlight: Michael Orbany

Michael Orbany
Meet Michael Orbany, a soon-to-be- nine-year-old from Rocky River, Ohio, who has been fighting a valiant battle with cancer since October, 2010. Michael's journey is one of faith, hope, and love, coupled with patience and perseverance, sadness and strength, maturity and melancholy, and honesty and humor, and so much more, that this little "spotlight" will hardly shine one ray on his vibrant personality.

Nausea and headaches were his original symptoms which led his mom, Georgianne and father Steve to the ER at Fairview Hospital, a CT scan, and ultimately an ambulance ride to Cleveland Clinic. There an MRI confirmed a 1cm mass in the back of his brain, obstructing spinal fluid flow to his fourth ventricle. His surgery, scheduled for the following morning, removed "all of the tumor," diagnosed as a medulloblastoma, the most common, but also the meanest type of tumor, with regrowth inevitable. 


Just days after surgery, Michael was asking for homework and delighted to be visited by Father Eric, pastor of St. Bernadette's where Michael was a first grader. In addition a visit from Father Rocco, soon-to-be assigned pastor at St. Bernadette's, followed, with Father Rocco telling Michael that he was the first parishioner he would meet from St. Bernadette's. Little Michael lives and loves his faith, as only a child can, with deep devotion and love of his mentors: pastors, both old and new; parents, Georgianne and Steve; teachers, past and present ; and teenage brother, Matthew. While his parents were busy meeting with doctors regarding  the"next step,"  Michael was yearning for home and the Halloween party at school, having made a remarkable recovery from the surgery. His treatment plan included six weeks of radiation, followed by, one month later, the beginning of nine cycles of chemo. Not wanting to miss too much school, Michael's daily radiation treatments were scheduled for the afternoon so that he could attend school every morning. To top that, Michael opted for radiation without sedation --- not recommended by the doctors---, but allowed with an "okay, we'll give it a try," and that they did for all six weeks, with Michael remaining motionless, having contrived many methods of keeping still. 

Love from his family, friends, classmates, schoolmates, parish family, and entire community outpoured. Fundraisers planned, donations made, prayer warriors on the loose --- the support unbelievable, with not nearly enough space to give all the details.  Sick days were donated to Georgianne, a third grade teacher at Douglas MacArthur Leadership Academy in Cleveland, by her gracious co-workers, insuring that Mom could tend to Michaels's needs and treatment schedule.


The new year brought:  the end of radiation; Mom's gradual return to her classroom of girls, and a complete  NED (No Evidence of Disease) MRI. Michael happily rang the "End of Radiation Bell!" and bravely entered his chemo regimen, usually involving, one-to-two overnight hospital stays. During the ensuing chemo cycles which continued throughout the summer, Michael experienced some ups and downs, testing his strength, but proving his persistence and patience, with a great deal of humor on the side. Upon arriving at the chemo clinic for an earlier-than-scheduled chemo treatment, his surprised nurses asked what he was doing there so early. Michael's response: "Can't you see I am on low power and I need some blood!"  The chemo often played havoc on him, and Michael sometimes needed transfusions following the chemo. Surprisingly, Michael knew his own body so well, and acted accordingly.  Michael was repeatedly asked at  each intake: "Are you bringing any valuables?" Finally, he said, "Well, I am valuable!" Humor? Yes! Honesty? Absolutely! 


Chemo involved hair loss, but also hats from his classmates, and a very hairy rescue Shih-Tzu, Rigby, who became Michael's constant companion. Comical Michael could not pass up the "bag of candy blood" he had found at a specialty candy store, and presented it to his chemo nurses amid horror, then much laughter. In mid September, his classmate Lily, who has been saving the coveted KFC prize points for Michael for almost a year, invited friends and families to KFC for "the presentation: a new bike, secured with prize points." KFC obliged with the accessories and free dinners for all, celebrating his September MRI: NED and the end of chemo. 


Second grade was a whirlwind of activity, both making and re-living memories: Christmas holidays, parades, the contents of his memory box (a ZIP LOC baggie of hair, included, accompanied by his  removed mediport), Lent, Easter Break, Matthew's 15th birthday, and his First Holy Communion.  


Unfortunately, the summer of 2012 was not so kind; Michael's cancer had returned --- three tumors on his spine and a cancerous material on the covering of his brain. First Phase of Round 2 of chemo would begin following Michael's and his family's very memorable Make-A-Wish trip to Disneyworld and a visit to Nana, in Florida who could no longer travel. His prayer warriors were back at it --- a prayer service at St. Bernadette's, a friend's visit for Michael to St. Gobnait's Shrine in Ireland,  and a healing blanket from Medjugorje ,  --- all of part of the warrior brigade. Throughout   Round 2 Michael continued to be honored and supported by friends and strangers alike, including Matthew's classmates at St. Edward's, Theo, a new chemo patient, Faith, his friend from Minnesota, (yes, her name is  really 'Faith,' ) participating  in the Miracles of Mitch Foundation's triathlon in Michael's honor,  St. Mark's , the school where his mother once taught and his Aunt Jan now teaches, the Superheroes of Ohio, and the Miracles4Michael Fundraiser, courtesy of the efforts of Mo Loesch, to name only a few;  each a story in itself. 


The love, support, and prayers, however, did not change the report:  Chemo: ongoing; Tumors: stable. Time for alternatives because "stable" was not a good report. A  December visit to Boston to Newman-Lakka Institute For Personalized Cancer and Floating Hospital For Children at Tufts Medical Center for a complete study of Michael's tissue to determine the best possible chemo. Michael's request to doctors in Boston, after first asking Mom if he could use a dirty word, "Take this shi_____ cancer away!"  The studies and testing began.  A March 28th CT scan, ordered after recurring headaches, revealed swollen ventricles, indicating cerebrospinal fluid being trapped, warranting a ventriculosity (making a hole in the brain to establish flow of fluid) and the placing of a shunt, temporarily turned off,  to drain fluid.  


The new chemo drugs were being given on a stop and start basis, depending on  his platelet counts. Steroids were given to reduce swelling. Meeting with doctors trying to determine the next treatment as Michael's tumor progression continues.  Another round of radiation was ordered on May 15; two seizures on May 18 sent Michael to Fairview, then on to Cleveland Clinic. The demons were returning, fast and furious, the probable cause, as there was no bleeding on the brain.


Back home in time for his pre-birthday celebration at St. Bernadette's on May 28; it's a must see and provides on film the continued outpouring of support for Michael. Check it out here.


For the entire and very real story of FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE visit Michael's website and his Facebook page, Miracles for Michael. 


SFSF is proud to have provided the Orbanys with a family grant in May and reiterates for Michael: "NEGU, (Never Ever Give Up)!"



Never give up; for even rivers someday

wash dams away.


                                                             ~ Arthur Golden


SFSF supports DIPG Collaborative;

Quayles attend Symposium


TCSN's (The Cure Starts Now) DIPG Collaborative, of which SFSF is a sponsoring member, met again on May 2-4, 2013, at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. SFSF's founders, Marc and Emily Quayle, were among those in attendance.  With over 90 of the world's leading cancer experts, researchers, and foundations from five countries, the DIPG Collaborative gathered for the second "homerun cure" pediatric brain cancer symposium in the U.S.  Together, nearly $1.1 million was pledged for new research through a collaborative network in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Australia. The revolutionary collaborative meeting showcased both the best and most innovative cancer research proposed worldwide and featured innovative, groundbreaking research. The first of its kind within the U.S., it represents not only a collaborative educational seminar, but a series of symposiums that will also seek to advance cancer strategies in a multi-disciplinary manner with the support of foundational funding garnered from the nearly 25+ foundations and families that attended this meeting.


For more information about the DIPG Collaborative, visit www.dipg.org.

DIPG Collaborative logo



Riverview schools continue supporting SFSF


For the fourth consecutive year, the Riverview Community Schools held a C3 day (Casual Clothes For A Cause), March 22, 2013, to benefit Smiles For Sophie Forever. The event raised a record $877.65 for SFSF, the largest amount collected on a C3 day in the 21012-13 school year, bringing the total 4-year collection to $3094.03.
The Riverview Community Schools select one Friday a month (usually the third Friday) on which staff members pay $5.00 to dress casually. The nine charities (September through May) are determined by staff nominations made early in the school year. The charities with the greatest number of nominations are deemed the C3 charities for the year. Sophie's grandmother, Susie Miklaski and SFSF Board secretary worked for the Riverview schools for almost 26 years and retired in 2007, the year Sophie was diagnosed with DIPG. Ironically Susie served as the C3 "collector" at the high school where she worked for many years that the C3 program was in existence. SFSF is grateful of the continued support of the Riverview Schools.

Riverview logo


SFSF raffle winner on Cloud 9
The lucky winning couple
Jeff and Chris Weber as they get ready for their balloon ride.

Jeff Weber, winner of last year's SFSF Hot Air Balloon Ride Raffle, and his wife Chris, used their winning ticket for their balloon ride in Cottonwood, AZ, February 27, 2013, while vacationing in the Sedona Area. The hour and a half ride was over mostly beautiful landscapes with mountains, however, a few highways, stores, and even a zoo were seen from above. According to Jeff, "The ride was mostly very quiet (except when the pilot blasts the propane gas jets to heat the air), smooth, absolutely beautiful, and at the same time exhilarating. You at times, seem to soar with the birds.  We didn't want the trip to end, and, yet we were very happy to safely land. We would strongly recommend taking a hot air balloon ride and would definitely do it again."

View from above
Soaring with the birds.



SFSF St. Jude Marathon Weekend Team forming 

  St. Jude Heroes

The SFSF St. Jude Marathon Team is now at 16 members, the largest team to date, and still has room for more. With a May 31 cut-off date for registering as Gold Heroes, several team members are  committed to raising a minimum of $2500, guaranteeing them, not only  two-night hotel rooms, but also paid registration fees, tickets to the Friday night pasta dinner, entrance to the Race Day Heroes Lounge, and  St. Jude incentive gifts, as well.  Committing to the Gold Hero status are Emily Quayle, SFSF Team Captain and 6th year participant, Amy Wilson, returning for the 3rd time, Kathy Farquhar and Jennifer Slater, 2nd year participants, and Andrea LaForce-Bergenser and Misty Karn, on their maiden voyages at St. Jude.  


Registered Gold Heroes willingly share their room accommodations with team members, who are all also registered as St. Jude Heroes (at varying levels), and whose goal is to raise $1000 each in order to secure the various incentives listed above. 


This year's SFSF team includes veteran runners: Emily Quayle, Jennifer Slater, and Amy Wilson (26.2); Kathy Farquhar, Elizabeth Rolinski, Sarah Smith, and Trent Wilson (13.1); and Susie Miklaski (5K); and newcomers: Nina Stanossek (26.2), Andrea LaForce-Bergenser, Kelly Bova and Lauren Hicks (13.1), and Brad Farquhar, Doug and Misty Karn, and Adam Rolinski (5K).


To make a donation to St. Jude in support of Team SFSF, visit their fundraising page and please share it with all your friends!   




It is possible to give without loving, but it is impossible to love without giving.


                                                        ~ John Wesley 



SFSF grants surpass $350,000


Since March 1, 2013, the Foundation has helped 16 families and awarded $15,000 in grant money, bringing the total amount of family grants awarded to $281,678. The grand total donated by SFSF, including donations to The Cure Starts Now ($42,000) and St. Jude ($35,000), is $358,678.


Every month, the SFSF Grant Committee approves applications for financial assistance for families of children with brain cancer. The children of the families who received grants in March, April and May 2013 are:

  • Bridget, age 9 - optical pathway glioma
  • Holden, age 15 - astrocytoma
  • Ashley, age 6 - DIPG
  • Edder, age 6 - medulloblastoma
  • Samuel, age 1 - PNET
  • Nolan, age 16 - glioblastoma
  • Anonymous, age 10 - ATRT
  • Anonymous, age 5 - anaplastic ependymoma
  • Keymiah, age 6 - bithalamic astrocytoma
  • Dayami, age 4 - DIPG
  • Alyson, age 19 - clival chordoma
  • Anonymous, age 2 - medulloblastoma
  • Derrionte, age 9 - DIPG
  • Michael, age 8 - medulloblastoma
  • Kara, age 4 - grade II diffuse astrocytoma


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TCSN DIPG Symposium
Riverview Schools support SFSF
Hot Air Balloon Winner
St. Jude Memphis Marathon Team
SFSF Family Grants
SFSF Golf Outings
6th Annual Bash and Dash
RCHS Scholarship
News Bits

Tee times remain for SFSF Golf Outings 

Golf Time  

There's still time --- tee time for both the 2nd Annual SFSF Ohio Golf Outing being held this Saturday, June 8, at Sweetbriar, on Legacy 18, in Avon Lake, Ohio, and the 7th Annual SFSF Michigan Golf Outing, on Monday, June 17, at Warwick Hills Country Club in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Swing into action while supporting SFSF by registering for either or both events. Registration information is available on the SFSF website.


Cost for a fun day in Avon Lake is $125 per individual ($500 per foursome) which includes 18 holes, a cart, lunch, dinner, and beverages.  Legacy 18 is comprised of two differing landscapes, offering windy fairways and large greens as well as a traditional East Coast feel with natural wetlands and risk-reward par fives. Contact Marc Quayle at 513-260-0649 or Mike Bova at 440-476-1611 for phone registration and questions.


Played at Warwick Hills, consistently-rated one of the country's top100 clubs and the home of the Buick Open for many years, the Michigan Golf Outing features 18 holes, a cart, driving privileges, hors d'oeurves, and dinner. The cost is $175 per individual; $700 per foursome. Contact Bob Quayle at 810-241-8340 or Brett Quayle at 810-252-3053 for phone reservations and questions.


Both events will feature prizes, contests, auction items, and a great opportunity to support a great cause. Don't delay; register today. 




The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course.


                                          ~ Billy Graham 


Bash & Dash...one month from today!   

race start line
The SFSF Birthday Bash and Dash starting line.

Now just a month away, preparations for the 6th Annual SFSF Bash & Dash are well underway and ongoing. Registration continues with many fundraising participants on the road to earning fundraising incentives, but there's always room for more. Registered participants who raise $100 or more will receive a commemorative, Dri-fit T-shirt; those who raise $500 or more will be in a drawing for a mini i-Pad. New this year is the opportunity to purchase at registration, for $5.00 extra, a vintage, soft-wash, commemorative T-shirt. However, the June 14 deadline to guarantee a T-shirt and goody bag is fast approaching.


Both the 5K and the 1.5 mile fun walk/run will begin at Walker Road Park at 9:00am with the "Star Spangled Banner" and a "Happy Birthday" to Sophie. Once again participants will drop their flowers, distributed at the starting line, in front of Sophie's house on Leeward Court, the turn-around for the 1.5 mile event.


Upon completion, runners and walkers will be treated not only to the normal fare of bagels, bananas, and water, but also a cupcake, celebrating what would be and should be, Sophie's tenth birthday.


Kids' wristbands for registered participants are included. Other non-registered children may make a donation for a wristband which will give them participation rights to the kids' activities. Among this year's activities are face painting,  balloon twisting, chalk art, sand table,bounce houses for the little ones, a corn-hole toss, cookie walk, cotton candy, and snow cones. Back by popular demand will be the age-category, 50-yard dash, with prizes. New this year will be a kids' obstacle course put on by Fit Me Up of Westlake, OH. Concession items, for purchase, include hot dogs, chips, lemonade, and punch.


The SFSF store will be open for business, featuring a variety of SFSF-logo clothing and accessories, Chinese raffle items, as well as items for bid, which will be on display under "The Big Tent." Tickets for a 50-50 drawing will be sold and drawn before the event's closing at noon. Most importantly the Awareness Tent will feature bro a display of some of the 200+ children who have received SFSF family grants.


SFSF continues to gladly and graciously accept corporate sponsors, gifts-in kind, volunteers, and donations for the event. Contact Emily for more information or visit the main Bash and Dash fundraising page to make a donation online. To volunteer for a specific task, visit the sign-up page to choose your job and time.


The Bash & Dash, the premier event of The Foundation, promises to be a great beginning to family, 4th of July celebrations --- with participants all spreading awareness and racing toward freedom from pediatric brain cancer, while honoring the memory of forever, four-year-old SOPHIE QUAYLE. 


Paying it forward in Sophie's name


Sophie in Grandma's classroom
Sophie Quayle, the inspiration behind the scholarship, "teaching class" in Grandma's classroom.

SFSF board member and secretary, and Sophie's Grandma, Susie Miklaski, is no stranger to paying it forward in all she has done in Sophie's memory and honor. One of those ways is through a Smiles For Sophie Forever scholarship that she established at Riverview Community High School (RCHS) in Riverview, MI --- the employer for which Susie worked for 21 years after retiring as an English teacher in 2007.  To date, Susie has awarded $7000 in scholarships to deserving graduates of Riverview Community High School. Susie established the scholarship in Sophie's name as a way to thank the community that so graciously supported her during Sophie's illness and has continued to do so by generously supporting SFSF through various district wide fundraisers, such as the C3 (Casual Clothes for a Cause --- see related article) days, PJammin' Days, Go for the Gold campaigns, as well as other Student Council and EGAD (Everybody Gives A Darn) fundraisers. Susie says, "I am simply grateful that I am able to pay it forward."    
The scholarship, a $1,000 annual award, presented each May at RCHS Honors Night, is funded by Susie's earnings as she continues to work as a substitute teacher in the Riverview Community School District. Although she has retired from her full time job, she loves teaching and the students, and continues to sub in the classrooms of her former colleagues.
Established in 2008, the year after Sophie passed away, the scholarship had Sophie and The Foundation in mind, so along with these general and mandatory criteria: candidates must be an upcoming graduate of RCHS, must have at least a 3.00 GPA, must be matriculated at an accredited two or four-year institution of post-secondary schooling, and must submit an essay, there are also specific criteria that are optional, but highly considered. To honor Sophie and her memory, the candidate should love learning and love books. To help find a cure for pediatric brain cancer, the candidate should pursue a career in medicine, preferably research; and should promote legislation which supports funding for pediatric brain cancer research, especially DIPG. To further The Foundation's cause, the candidate should demonstrate involvement in volunteer work and participate in charitable fundraisers.  Financial need is not a requirement but is also considered as Sophie's parents experienced financial need during her illness. The essay, as mentioned above as one of the general and mandatory requirements, is a personal narrative essay from the candidate illustrating how/why they qualify for the scholarship based on all of the criteria. Susie judges the essays to determine the winner.


This year, according to Susie, "...choosing the best was so difficult, that  I decided to give two, $1000 awards, one to Nicole Karl and the other to Chase Thomas."  Past recipients are: Avani Shukla (2008), Rachel Tarbutton (2009), Sierra Cano (2010), Kathleen Moffett (2011), and Kristina Schumacher (2012). Although Susie does not know how long she plans to continue her "second career" as a substitute teacher, she is happy to be able to help further the education of these deserving students and perhaps one day, one of the SFSF scholarship recipients will help to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer. SFSF thanks Susie for her hard work and dedication in raising awareness and keeping Sophie's memory alive.   

Scholarship recipients with Susie and Frank Miklaski

SFSF scholarshiip recipients, Chase Thomas and Nicole Karl, with

Susie and Frank Miklaski at Honors Night, 2013.




An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.


                                                   ~ Benjamin Franklin



News Bits: Mini and Mighty

Annual Appeal update2013 Annual Appeal Make A Difference
Although SFSF's concentration, solicitations, and donations are centered on the 6th Annual Bash & Dash, funds continue to be received from the 2013 "Making A Difference" annual appeal. To date,  $10,080 has been added to the SFSF coffers from the appeal, nearing last year's $11,000+ total, and the year is not half over. SFSF graciously thanks the silent donors who willingly "make a difference in the life of a child."

Amy Cashman sponsors second Silpada Campaign
Looking for accessories for those summer outfits that the weather is finally warranting? Look no further. Amy Cashman, independent representative for Silpada Designs Jewelry offers many fashionable pieces to give an added touch to summer wardrobes. What's even better, Amy is donating 50% of the proceeds of Silpada Jewelry sales, ordered through her, to Smiles For Sophie Forever.  Anyone who schedules a catalog or home show through Amy will also be helping Smiles For Sophie Forever, plus be earning some jewelry for herself.  See the jewelry catalog, shop, or contact Amy about scheduling a catalog or home show by visiting her website. If silpadayou are shopping, sign in, shop, and upon checkout be sure to select Smiles For Sophie Forever as your hostess. The fundraising campaign runs through the end of July.


The Wilson family holds SFSF Garage Sale 

The Wilson Kids
Finley, Taryn and Mac Wilson manning the Bake Sale.

Former Avon Lake resident Amy Wilson and her family who now reside in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, held a SFSF Garage Sale and Muffin Sale on May 18, 2013, and raised $200 for their Bash & Dash fundraising efforts.  Amy's daughter, Taryn, and Sarah Quayle were classmates and playmates in Avon Lake, and it was Taryn's idea to have the Bake Sale, along with the garage sale. Although Taryn wanted to sell cupcakes and lemonade, Amy convinced her that buyers would prefer muffins at 8 am. Although the Wilsons have moved, they haven't forgotten SFSF.   Since moving in January, 2012, the Wilsons have returned to Avon Lake for the 5th Annual Bash & Dash last July 4th, and both Amy and her husband Trent were part of the SFSF St. Jude Marathon Team in December, 2012. According to Amy, "Our family's association and connection to The Quayles and SFSF will never end and we plan on attending the 6th Annual Bash & Dash on July 4th."  SFSF thanks The Wilsons and encourages others to do some creative fundraising.

Remember the Rock PileNew Rock Pile logo
Summer weather means outdoor gardening. The Rock Pile in Avon Lake continues to support SFSF by offering 5% of pre-tax purchases to SFSF. Shoppers need only mention SFSF at check-out to insure their donation to SFSF.  The Rock Pile, an independent garden center carries a variety of decorative outdoor items, bird-feeding supplies, as well as many needs and wants for landscaping projects. Located at 900 Nagel Road, the local business proudly supports local charitable endeavors through their "Fundraising That Rocks" program. Spruce up your yards, while sprucing up SFSF coffers by visiting The Rock Pile for all your outdoor purchases. SFSF graciously thanks The Rock Pile for its ongoing support of SFSF.

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