Acknowledgments of Gifts to the AADC
                                                                                               September 2, 2016
Dear Douglass Alumnae and Friends:
The AADC has heard from a number of alumnae who have received thank you messages from the Rutgers University Foundation for donations they made to the AADC.  They are unclear about what happened to the donations they made to the AADC.

Let me reassure you that any donations you made to the AADC are retained by the AADC and used either as the donor has requested or to support our mission.  For your information, all unrestricted gifts to the AADC Annual Appeal provide direct funding for alumnae programs and initiatives and support to general operations that allows the AADC to remain a best-in-class alumnae association.  These funds have not been and will not be transferred to Rutgers. 
As part of the July 20th Agreement the AADC signed with Rutgers (please see page 32, section (e) under Data; for the full agreement, please visit the AADC website), all funds collected by the AADC will be counted in the total of donations raised by the Rutgers University Foundation, even though your gift to the AADC Annual Appeal is restricted to the AADC.
We understand that receiving a thank you from the Rutgers University Foundation could be confusing if you sent your donation to the AADC for the AADC Annual Appeal.  We assure you that your gift to the AADC will stay at the AADC.  We appreciate your generosity and your concern about this issue.
Please contact us through the mailbox if you have further questions on this subject or anything else related to the July 20 Agreement.
Jeanne M. Fox '75
President, Associate Alumnae of Douglass College
For more information, please visit