Jeanne M. Fox '75 Praises AADC in Star-Ledger Letter
                                                                                                             July 28, 2016
Dear Alumnae and Friends:
Most of you have received AADC communications regarding the Agreement that we signed with Rutgers on July 20. This Agreement defines the roles and responsibilities of Douglass Residential College and the AADC regarding fundraising and the status of the AADC.

In the media coverage of this Agreement, a Star-Ledger article reiterated the original claims made by Rutgers that were derogatory toward the AADC and did not provide us with the opportunity to rebut them.  A Letter to the Editor from me was published in the print edition of the Ledger on July 27 that provides more context.  This additional information should assure you that the AADC has met or exceeded its financial responsibilities.  In the year since negotiations with Rutgers began, the RU administration has had greater exposure to AADC practices. It acknowledges the long and successful history of the AADC as the primary fundraiser for Douglass, enabling the College to grow and fulfill its mission. 

We are happy to see this letter be published in the Ledger and are pleased to share it with you at this time.
Jeanne M. Fox '75
President, Associate Alumnae of Douglass College
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