Message from AADC President Jeanne M. Fox '75
Regarding Fundraising Phone Calls
April 15, 2016

Dear Alumnae and Friends,

For many years, generous donors to the AADC have responded to calls made by Douglass students working as the AADC's "telefund callers" to raise money for the Douglass Annual Fund.  Your gifts have helped the AADC fulfill its mission to provide support to the College, its students and its alumnae. 

As you may recall, last April 20th, Rutgers issued an ultimatum to the AADC prohibiting us from raising funds for Douglass Residential College (DRC) and her students.  We chose to comply with this directive and stopped soliciting for DRC to show our good faith intention with the mediation/negotiation process.  We instead began only requesting contributions for the AADC, and now we have established a new fundraising initiative under the name "Associate Alumnae of Douglass College (AADC) Annual Appeal."  The "AADC Annual Appeal" replaces the term "Douglass Annual Fund," which we are no longer using.

You should understand that while we are no longer raising funds directly for Douglass -- as Rutgers dictated -- funds currently raised by the AADC through the new AADC Annual Appeal help us to provide new and signature alumnae initiatives and programs and to support our operations. These things allow us to continue to be a best-in-class alumnae organization. 

In addition, the AADC retains the fiduciary responsibility to steward the Douglass Fund, which is an endowment established by the AADC in 1969 as its grantor and trustee to benefit Douglass and her students.  The Douglass Fund has NOT been turned over to Rutgers or Douglass Residential College and remains managed by the AADC.  The money in the Douglass Fund endowment, carefully stewarded by the AADC to fulfill donor intent, continues to provide support for the College and her students. 

We have not agreed that Rutgers or Douglass Residential College may use the name "Douglass Annual Fund" in contacting donors.  In fact, we specifically requested that they not use that name, because we thought it could be potentially confusing for donors, given its historic association with the AADC.    

With this as background, it has come to our attention that many alumnae have received calls from people who identify themselves as Douglass College students and who are requesting money for DRC.  Please be aware that these callers are not calling on behalf of the AADC, which cannot raise money for the College at this time.  However, the callers reference your previous gifts made to the AADC because the University has access to all donor information, so it may appear that the calls are from the AADC.  The confirmations received by donors for gifts they make as a result of these calls will come from the Rutgers University Foundation and not from the AADC. 

Many of the alumnae who have contacted us say that they find this approach by Rutgers and by Douglass Residential College misleading.  Recipients of the calls are not clear about whom the caller represents and where the money requested would be used.  Alumnae tell us they are confused and frustrated by these calls.  The name "Douglass Annual Fund" has always been used only by the AADC, and donors are telling us they don't understand where the money is going. 

The AADC's student callers who contact you to ask for your support for the AADC Annual Appeal will identify themselves as Douglass students calling on behalf of the AADC.  They are employed by the AADC's contracted partner.  Our advice is that if you are unsure who is calling, you should question the caller to find out whom she represents. 

Gifts made to the AADC Annual Appeal help us continue to serve our alumnae sisterhood with programs, initiatives, regional groups, affinity groups and events, as well as fund the operations of the AADC.

For years the AADC has worked hard to earn the trust of our donors and supporters and we appreciate your generosity.  Our callers enjoy sharing their Douglass experiences with alumnae with whom they connect.  You will be hearing from us again, and we hope you will continue to financially support the AADC -- your alumnae association.  We invite you to participate in AADC programs, activities and events that strengthen our nearly 100-year-old sisterhood. 

Thank you for your support,
Jeanne M. Fox '75
President, Associate Alumnae of Douglass College