November 9, 2015

Dear Alumnae and Friends:
We would like to clarify a new development related to the scope of fundraising by the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College. We understand that the Rutgers University Foundation (RUF) will solicit contributions from Douglass alumnae and friends on behalf of Douglass Residential College (DRC). 
This action will create a situation in which you may receive two requests: one from the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College (AADC) and one from the Rutgers University Foundation.
Some brief background:

Historically, the AADC has been the primary fundraising entity for Douglass. In 2005, this arrangement was formally documented in a Memorandum of Agreement with the Rutgers University Foundation. On April 20, 2015, Rutgers withdrew from the Agreement, and raised various other concerns--but also indicated a desire to continue working with the AADC going forward.

The AADC and Douglass/Rutgers are now participating in a mediation process to resolve the issues among the parties. The AADC is participating fully and in good faith in the mediation process.  While we do not agree with Rutgers' position, the AADC has made the decision to comply with a request from Rutgers that we refrain from fundraising for Douglass Residential College and students during the mediation process.  Since April 20th, we have primarily been requesting contributions for the AADC, our programs and initiatives. By doing so, we are raising funds necessary to continue providing a best-in-class alumnae organization for all Douglass sisters, while continuing to work in good faith to resolve the conflict. 

Because Rutgers is now raising funds for Douglass, we wanted to be sure you had some clarification. You may receive fundraising calls or communications from Rutgers. You will receive fundraising communications from the AADC, which may include calls from Douglass student callers who represent the AADC. Here are the facts:
  • During mediation, the AADC is requesting support for alumnae initiatives exclusively and is not raising money for the College.
  • The AADC will continue, as it always has, to provide oversight/stewardship of all charitable contributions it receives.
  • The AADC cannot provide oversight/stewardship of any contributions sent to the Rutgers University Foundation, even if the gift is designated to Douglass Residential College.
To help avoid any confusion, starting on November 13, 2015, the AADC will clearly identify our fundraising requests with the words "Associate Alumnae of Douglass College Annual Appeal" in place of the "Douglass Annual Fund." We will no longer use the name "Douglass Annual Fund" and the Rutgers University Foundation has agreed not to use that name either.
Thank you so much for staying abreast of developments during this long and difficult situation. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to make sure that the AADC can continue its work of supporting the College and her students, and providing meaningful programs and connections for her alumnae.  Because of your involvement and support, we are continually proud to lead the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College. 
Jeanne M. Fox '75, Esq., President
Valerie Anderson '81, MBA, Executive Director
How is receiving two requests different from receiving only requests from the AADC?
In the past, the AADC solicited contributions from alumnae and friends through the Douglass Annual Fund appeals.  (As you know, the AADC also successfully raised nearly $42 million in the recently-concluded Campaign for Douglass, and solicited alumnae in other capital campaigns.) The AADC then stewarded these gifts. 
  • Gifts designated for a particular purpose, be it a College program such as The Douglass Project, a student scholarship, or a program run by the AADC were used for the designated purpose.
  • Undesignated gifts were allocated by the Board of Directors.  These gifts were used to support programs for students and alumnae, as well as to cover the general expenses of the Association. 
Contributors were kept informed as to the use of their contributions in the AADC Annual Report, published annually in January and sent to all alumnae and friends. It is also available on line by clicking hereSee pages 8 and 9 for information on funds raised and allocated.
Since April 20th, any funds raised by the AADC are being used primarily for the AADC, our initiatives and programs. As the Rutgers University Foundation begins to raise funds for Douglass, those contributions (after a gift assessment fee is deducted) will be used for a Douglass Residential College program. We understand that the Rutgers University Foundation will solicit alumnae on behalf of Douglass Residential College for the Douglass Residential College Excellence Fund, and the following DRC program areas: Student Scholarships, Educating Global Leaders, Supporting Women in STEM, and Leadership & Career Development.
Are the dual requests likely to continue after mediation is complete?
We can't comment on mediation progress or outcome.  Our goal, however, has always been to come to a resolution that is mutually acceptable to all parties including the AADC and Douglass Residential College.

What is the status of mediation?
The AADC is working hard to reach a mutually acceptable resolution for the benefit of AADC, DRC, alumnae and students, and Rutgers University.
When I receive a request, how will I know whether it is from the AADC or RUF?
Starting in November, the AADC will utilize the name "Associate Alumnae of Douglass College Annual Appeal" on all of our annual fundraising requests.  AADC will continue to use student callers, who will identify themselves as calling on behalf of the Douglass Alumnae or AADC. We do not know how The Rutgers University Foundation will identify itself. They have agreed not to use our prior appeal name, "Douglass Annual Fund," so alumnae in the habit of giving to that appeal will not think the request is from the AADC.
What should I do?
With regard to your contribution, know the facts and make your own informed decision.  If it is helpful:
  • Some alumnae have decided to only support the AADC.
  • Some alumnae have chosen to increase their support of the AADC during this time to assist in our efforts to come to resolution.  THESE GIFTS ARE NEEDED AND ESPECIALLY APPRECIATED.
  • Some alumnae may decide to support the RUF.
  • Some alumnae may decide to support the AADC and the RUF.
With regard to our mediation efforts, please continue to make your voices heard in requesting a fair process. Direct your thoughts to:
To make a gift, make your check payable to "AADC" 
or visit and 
click on Make a Gift.