Dozens of Alumnae and Students Rally to 
Save Douglass Alumnae Organization
Overwhelming Show of Support from Students and 
Alumnae to Save the AADC

(New Brunswick, NJ)  -- Dozens of students and alumnae turned out in force today to rally on behalf of the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College, an independent organization whose mission has been to advance the interests of Douglass, her students and alumnae for nearly a century. The rally was held to protest the backroom decision by Rutgers University to dismantle the AADC and to immediately cut off the AADC's computer access and disrupt its operations.


"Nearly a decade ago, the AADC, students, alumnae and supporters led the fight against the University's plan to shut down Douglass College," said Tina Gordon, immediate past President of the AADC. "Since 1927, the AADC has served Douglass College, its students and its alumnae. If the restrictions placed on the AADC remain, it will be the students who suffer. The programs our generous donors support through the AADC enrich the educational experience for Douglass students. Many of them are likely to be negatively affected and programs could be eliminated if donations decline. The AADC advocates for the College and its students. Who will be the champion for the students and alumnae if the AADC is gone?"


Late last month, Rutgers officials issued an ultimatum to the AADC that would gut its historic mission of promoting Douglass College and supporting innovative education and leadership development for tens of thousands of current students and alumnae. Instead, Rutgers has arbitrarily decided to transfer the AADC's fundraising operations to the Rutgers University Foundation, which, unlike the AADC, has never been primarily focused on Douglass and its needs.


Last year, the AADC paid for 43% of the programmatic budget at Douglass and continues to provide funding for scholarships, student stipends and traditional events.



About Associate Alumnae of Douglass College
The Associate Alumnae of Douglass College was created by alumnae from the first graduating class of the New Jersey College for Women and provides ongoing financial programming and communications support to students and alumnae, and encourages and promotes the educational experience and leadership opportunities at Douglass that are uniquely inherent in a women's college.

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