August 4, 2016
News Update

Burlington provides high style, high performance solutions for leading brands of menswear, womenswear, activewear,  tailored, uniform and barrier products. Fabric offerings include blended and performance synthetics, and worsted wool bringing exciting new styles to global apparel markets.

The Alpek group of Mexico has announced on its website that they are in an exclusivity period to purchase the Petrobras stake in the polyester complex in Pernambuco state in Brazil. The 2 main businesses are Petoquimica Suape and Citepe. The exclusivity period is an initial 60 days with the provision of an extension of a further 30 days if needed. Read the press release here...
AKC Note:  The complex has a capacity of 700,000 tons/yr of PTA, 450,000 tons of PET resin and 90,000 tons of polyester DTY. There have been many delays in bringing the site up to the capacity that was announced in 2006/07. Alpek is a leading petrochemical company and includes the DAK Americas business unit and the AKRA Polyester business unit, with PTA, PET resin, polyester staple and polyester filament in its portfolio of businesses.

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