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January 28, 2014
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Alexium develops and markets specialty chemicals to the textile market, providing novel flame retardant (FR) solutions as topical treatments on synthetic and synthetic-cellulosic fabric blends. Alexium can supply custom FR solutions and provides application support to its customers.  For more information, please visit   



PGI Group of Charlotte announce they have reached an agreement to buy a controlling interest in the Brazilian nonwovens company Providencia: 


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AKC Note: PGI became the largest nonwovens company in the world with the acquisition of Fiberweb in 2013, and by purchasing a controlling interest in Providencia it gives PGI an increased South American presence. Additionally, Providencia has a nonwovens facility in Statesville, North Carolina (established in 2009) which will add to PGI's US activities. PGI also announced a $7.5 million expansion of its Waynesboro, VA plant earlier in January 2014.




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