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These clients have successfully changed their career with our support.  We hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired us. 

Inspiring Career Change Example 



This is an example of the successful transition from the public sector after many years into the private sector, and how we helped this talented client to make it happen. 

From public sector to private sector - Kerry 


Moving from the public sector to the private sector involves understanding a very different world which is more commercial and with more emphasis in interviews on individual responsibility and accountability for achievements, and less attributed to collective team working. Success involves understanding the resistance of employers to anything but an 'exact fit', identifying what the objections are and how to overcome them. Marketing yourself is a new skill, essential for success in the private sector, and our work with Kerry included sharing insights about this, derived from our marketing background.


Our client was an experienced and hardworking project manager with a high attention to detail, characteristic of their role. They had worked in the public sector for the majority of their working life and did not see how much they had to offer. We helped them to put themselves in the potential employer's shoes and see themselves through their eyes, increasing confidence about their marketability and how to express it. We also explored actual and perceived blocks to success, common in career change. Our client achieved a Senior PMO Consultant role in the financial services sector and has had excellent performance feedback to date. 


"For the last 7 months Rachel has been my career coach. She has guided and supported me through my transition as a project/programme professional from the public into the private sector. 

Rachel has a unique persona that allows her to create a safe working environment so that she can ask pertinent questions and deal with sensitive issues. This instils confidence and exercises fears & limiting beliefs, enabling the individual to move forward. 

To successfully engage with the new employment market, Rachel gave me real practical and down to earth advice and support, so that I could: 

1. Identify my unique selling point, niche or personal brand; 
2. Market myself from an employer's perspective; 
3. Produce a CV as a marketing tool; 
4. Prepare effectively for the interview; and 
5. Start to develop my LinkedIn page. 

Rachel has the ability to 'drag' important information out of me! This was very useful because I was too close to realise all that I have to offer an employer. She also consistently answered my questions directly. 

Rachel is Energise by name and Energise by nature!"


Kerry Paulson, Senior PMO Consultant





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My name is Rachel Brushfield and I specialise in helping my clients with new breakthroughs for sustainable career and business success. I have over 25 years' experience and I set up Energise in 1997.


Energise will help you make a smooth transition to a new career and realise your potential.  We have the experience, knowledge and resources to support you towards a rewarding future and provide personalised professional career empowerment.


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