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These clients have successfully changed their career with our support.  We hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired us. 

Inspiring Career Change Example 


This is an example of the successful career change into self employment from being a Civil Servant in the public sector all of his life. Written communication is one of this client's core competencies, so it makes sense for them to express their story in depth in their own words, rather than us use ours. 


From Civil Servant to self employment - Stephen 


"For 22 years - over half of my life - I was a Civil Servant, so a decision to leave the Service was monumental, the right decision, but still very daunting. During my subsequent career break I toyed, spending money along the way, with 'new careers' that I had thought were for me, but which (when faced with doing them) I didn't feel the passion or enjoyment I thought I would. I became stuck. 

I then found Rachel at Energise who helped me to take a fresh look at myself. She took me on a journey through my career and back again and helped me to reach a light bulb moment: Focus on what I value, I am good at and enjoy doing in a way I like to do it! I saw new insights and clarity about my uniqueness, what I have to offer and how to evaluate work options so that I choose projects that energise me. Armed with this, Rachel helped me take the 'fear' out of approaching a jobs market I hadn't been in for over two decades - how to network and market myself. This all culminated in an impactful and up to date CV and understanding of the increasing role social media plays in finding opportunities. 

In possession of my new CV and new learning I applied for three roles securing interviews for all. I was successful and chose a short term role that fits who I am, honours my values, plays to my strengths and working style. I have to say that I am really enjoying myself and find myself at a stage of starting to look for my next opportunity. The fact I accepted a short term contract and feel no fear about how to go about finding the next opportunity is testament to the insight and knowledge Rachel helped me to access and apply. 

So, if you are at a career crossroads, want to leave the public sector to become self-employed, do something different or do something the same but somewhere else, I would recommend working with Rachel who will share lots of tips and tools to support you and ensure a safe passage to your new world! She is highly professional, has a lot of expertise in the jobs market as it exists today, and provides a personalised and flexible service tailored to your needs. Rachel stays in touch too, introduces you to others who might be able to help you as you begin and continue your journey."


Stephen Poole



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My name is Rachel Brushfield and I specialise in helping my clients with new breakthroughs for sustainable career and business success. I have over 25 years' experience and I set up Energise in 1997.


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